One way to make your seminar into an unforgettable
experience is to arrange social activities in the
hours -- and even days -- preceding and following
your event. Social activities allow participants
to relax and bond with each other, as well as give
them another opportunity to get to know, like and
trust you.

For example, you might host a cocktail reception the
night before your seminar kicks off, a dinner one
evening after the educational content wraps up for
the day, or even an informal breakfast the morning
after the seminar ends.

Activities can be as formal as you'd like. If you
want to arrange a sit-down dinner for all of your
guests, great. But leading an excursion to a local
restaurant for any interested participants can
be just as much fun.

If you decide to play cruise director, be sure to
announce your plans at least 30 days in advance. This
gives attendees a chance to arrange their travel
schedules so they can take advantage of the fun.
If you wait until the last minute to announce bonus
activities, a portion of your audience will not be
able to rearrange their plans without great hassle
or expense ... and missing out on an opportunity to
spend more time with you can lead to ill will.

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