A few weeks ago, I wrote about feeling deserving to lose weight. But this is about a different issue . . .

It is that feeling you get . . . sometimes an almost imperceptible thought before you overeat.

"I deserve it."

"I have worked so hard."

"I have put up with so much."

"I deserve this."

It is JUST that easy to sabotage yourself.

And it is probably the very best, believable rationalization you can make.

After all, you HAVE worked hard, and tolerated a great deal. You probably have exhausted yourself in the process.

It is SO easy to reach for food.

And so easy to justify it.

To get that instant sense of relief, the sense of giving yourself something . . . to pay yourself back for the endurance of working so hard, doing so much (for everyone else) and tolerating it all.

If you can't have what you REALLY want (e.g. a lighter schedule, a deep rest, fewer responsibilities, a week at a spa . . .), then it is SO easy to SETTLE for food.

Yes - food is easy.

Life is hard.

Next time . . . think about what it is you REALLY want.

The truth is . . . food is NOT going to solve it.

It's NOT the answer.

ASK yourself - is this going to solve the problem?

The extent to which you can be honest with yourself and act accordingly is the extent to which you can make progress.

The extent to which you are still convincing yourself that it's what you really need is the extent that you sell out on yourself.

Ask yourself what you REALLY need. And try to give it to yourself.

Chances are . . . it won't be chocolate.

Here's to getting the real thing.

With love,

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Carol Solomon, Ph.D. is a psychologist and personal coach who specializes in helping people who want to lose weight and eliminate food and weight issues. She is the author of "Lose Weight Now Stay Slim Forever," a practical "how-to" manual for learning to lose weight without dieting. For a free 60-minute audio and free ezine, go to: http://www.Lose-Weight-Now-Stay-Slim-Forever.com For more information on binge eating, go to: http://www.Stop-Binge-Eating.com Contact Carol at: 847-680-0272 tw@iconnect.net