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People are not like a bunch of old cloths that you can mend by sewing patches on the torn parts. People are different.

Then why are we trying to patch ourselves together with patches to help us stop smoking, eating too much, and taking various kinds of medication in patch form. It isn’t natural.

I think that the only kind of patch that we really need is a patch of faith: something that will remind us of the place that God can play in our lives, something that will give us comfort, and help us believe in the power of the Almighty to help us cure ourselves of afflictions and addictions.

I know that sometimes it is hard to believe in that which we cannot see so the symbolic use of a patch of faith may be the only type of patch you will ever need to help you cure yourself of what ails you.

I know that having faith and believing is hard sometimes when the weaknesses of our bodies drain us of our God given strength.

We need to find faith in the hope that we can stop patching ourselves together. We need to believe and to try again. We need to have faith in ourselves and in God.

Sometimes the will is strong, but the body is stronger. It is times like these when a patch of faith can help us hold ourselves together. It is times like this when a patch of faith can help mend our souls. It is times like this when a patch of faith can work miracles.

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