Have you ever struggled with the question of what your life purpose is? I know I have. Finding your life’s purpose. It is a difficult and uncomfortable quest to figure out why you are here and what it is you are suppose to be doing.

Trying to identify your life's purpose and meaning can be difficult at times. There are so many choices to be made and you may not always be certain that the choice you make may be the correct one. Throughout our life we deal with choices. It is through these choices that we become the people we are.

Most recently I had been wrestling with this rather large question. It had been weighing heavily on my mind for several months. What is my purpose? What am I supposed to do with my life? Perhaps you have found yourself on this quest also.

I had made a total transformation of my business moving from website design and designing marketing materials to life coaching and energy techniques. I was really enjoying the coaching and found it very fulfilling. However, I wasn't sure I was on the right path. Then, things began to happen.

Subtle things in the beginning. So subtle, that I never truly recognized them until much later. People began suggesting various books, courses, meditations, etc. I received notes, letters and even cards from friends and family. I began finding articles that really grabbed my attention. All these things shared one common denominator; they emphasized the theme, "purpose" within the content. But, I still missed the message that was being directed to me.

My coaching business was doing well and my clients were all achieving really good results yet I found myself being drawn in a totally new direction than the way I had been coaching. I had begun to attract a new stream of clients. These clients were totally different from any that I had ever dealt with before.

At first, I was beginning to feel like a fish out of water. This was not the niche I was comfortable working with. This was out of my traditional comfort zone but I knew I had to trust in God and "ride the tide" so to speak and see where it would take me. This new stream of clients continued.

I found that as I interacted with each one, a deeper passion began to grow within me. This only made my desire to know my purpose even stronger. I felt confused and worried that my ego may be playing a part in this new found passion and began to pray for more guidance.

I found that my clients were now also more spiritual and we connected better than I had with past clients. Still, this did not relay anything to me and I kept searching. I read books, attended teleclasses and still no definite answer came. Deep within me was this burning desire to heal and it kept growing stronger.

It was through prayer that I was led to discover EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). When I began to study EFT, I first felt that spark of passion to heal within myself. The more I studied, the more my passion grew. Through the use of Emotional Freedom Techniques, which I felt to be a gift given to me from God, many have been able to overcome issues and problems that have kept them from personal and professional goals.

After passing my EFT basic and advanced examinations, I began to use this technique in my coaching practice and was amazed at the results my clients were achieving. How grateful to God I was for being able to help so many people. It wasn't just that I was helping them. It was the fact that I was sharing this gift with them. They would be able to take the gift and also help themselves.

It is hard to explain, but the more I helped, the more I wanted to help and the more grateful to God for learning this wonderful technique. I loved serving others but I was afraid to use the word "healing", even though many of my clients had used it. But that was what had been happening. They had all been experiencing emotional healing as a result of EFT which worked through me with the love of God.

But, I was still lost as to my purpose. I am sure that, God, knowing me as he does, was not surprised. He has always had to do things to grab my attention when wanting me to grasp something. That is why what I am about to share with you will make perfect sense.

I finally decided to be quite bold and come right out with it. On a recent business trip with my husband from North Carolina to Oklahoma, I asked God to give me a sign. I asked him "am I a spiritual healer?" If I am, then I asked to see the sign of the cross among the clouds in the sky above me. If I did not see a cross, I would know it was just my ego running amuck and forget about it.

There were many clouds in the sky as storms were in the area. However, there was a break in the clouds in front of us and a jet was going through this opening and leaving a straight vivid trail against the blue sky which stood out in contrast to the billowy clouds. My eyes were drawn to this trail and then I noticed it. About a third of the way down from the top end of the trail, a small cloud was forming, horizontally across the trail, creating a cross! I almost forgot to breathe!

I thanked God, but then, being me, asked, "just in case that was a fluke, could you give me one more sign?" Well, right after I asked that prayer, I asked him not to bother. I did not want to be another "Doubting Thomas" and I certainly did not want to annoy God.

Don't you know that at that moment, a semi with a brown cab began to pass us on our left and on the door of the cab was a white cross! You could have knocked me over with a feather. I was grinning from ear to ear and filled with joy. But God wasn't through with me yet. He wanted to make sure I got the full message so he sent one more semi a few moments later.

This one was really dirty and at first I did not pay much attention to it but for some reason my eyes were drawn to the back end of the trailer where someone had drawn the sign of the fish and next to it was drawn, you guessed it, a cross. He had sent me a total of three signs, three crosses!

Now I knew without any doubt that my purpose is to do exactly what I am doing. I am sure I am on the right road and have made a promise to God to continue my studies and listen carefully for his guidance. Even though I'm a bit hard to get through to at times, eventually I get the message and so will you.

It is worth the effort to read the signs. If you are not certain, ask for directions. I did and look at the results. Have faith and trust in God. He has always sent me clear directions, I just didn't always pay attention to the signs or wasn't ready to read them. Sometimes we just need to check back in with our faith for it will keep us on the road we are meant to travel - on purpose!

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