At any given time about one in three American adults is trying to lose weight, and while their track record for trying is good, their track record for succeeding is not. Why is that? It’s because the typical diet approach is one based on lack, deprivation and limitation… there is a much easier, much more fulfilling way. People could give up the dieting battles and food wars forever by just realizing one thing. Most people’s insatiable hunger has nothing to do with the amount of food they ingest at all. What the majority of people who feel continually unfulfilled are really craving on the deepest level is Love.

One fundamental misperception that taints our world also forms the basis of most every diet that’s ever been conceived – that we are only our bodies. Yet, a human being is so much more than just a physical form. In truth, we are Souls having what is meant to be the delightfully blessed experience of wearing a body for a time.

If we look at ourselves in this way, an entirely new world of perception opens up to us, including the way that we view diet. We realize that the greatest pleasure comes from being in synch with what resonates in our Souls, not necessarily from doing what we think gratifies our physical bodies. From this perspective, eating well – “dieting” if you will – becomes only one part of a greater connection to our true Selves. It becomes another way for us to nourish our connection with who we truly are, a way in which we demonstrate Self-Love.

So many diets don’t work because they only acknowledge the most superficial aspects of us. Our bodies gain excess weight because they are ideal indicators of our environment – both internal and external. Whatever is hidden internally cannot stay hidden for long – our Souls will project it outward so that we can experience it on the physical plane. Excess weight is our heavy, un-happy thoughts about ourselves, or our uneasy lives, projected outward. Its presence is just a signal that we are out of connection with ourselves, or out of synch with life the way it was meant to be lived. The primary way to maintain an ideal weight is by honoring your Self and getting in synch with your Soul. Fall in love with your life and see what happens next!

The Basic Principle of Soul-Full Eating – Eat with Love, what’s grown with love, prepared with love and served with love.

If we honor and connect to our Soul-Self, we can take an entirely different approach to diet – one with no deprivation. We can eat anything we want, any time we want, as long as it is indeed furthering our connection to our Divinity. That’s the catch. Which foods actually compliment our Divinity and advance our connection to our Souls and which do not? That answer is simple… The most nourishing food is that which is consciously grown, lovingly selected and prepared, and mindfully eaten.

* Consciously grown refers to food produced in harmony with the greater environment – the greater Soul found in all of creation. When food is grown in this way, with a deeper connection and reverence for nature, it intrinsically connects us to “the bigger picture.” To me, being conscious means acting in a way that demonstrates that you fully understand all of the consequences of your actions. You are aware that the way you talk, act, think and carry out your daily affairs affects yourself and others. So, when we eat food grown consciously, we more easily feel ourselves to be an intimate part of the circle of life. Consciously grown foods include those that are grown without artificial substances such as hormones, chemicals, pesticides and the use of genetic engineering. Without such false interferences, these foods maximize the benefits of sunlight, thus allowing us to receive the greatest energy exchange possible. They contain vital earth-energy and this is transferred to us.

* Lovingly selected foods are those we choose that compliment our own unique, individual needs, as well as the foods that we know we will savor, such as those that are fresh and locally grown. Choosing to eat only foods that we truly love and are attracted to with all of our five senses automatically eliminates foods that we tend to eat on the run or to just to fill our stomachs. Eating foods we take care to select fosters a greater sense of Self-recognition and Self-reverence.

* Carefully prepared foods are made in ways that release their vitality. These dishes can be simple or elegant, but they are created and served in a manner that magnifies the food’s nutritional value – in an environment that feels balanced, nurturing and healthful. Those qualities are then imbued energetically into the food.

* Consuming food mindfully means eating with awareness and gratitude for all the effort and positive energy that has been focused in order to provide the bounty about to be enjoyed. Paying attention to not only what is on our plate – but also how we eat it – is a powerful way to practice the art of true presence.

Why “Simple” Can Be Difficult - Eat with love only that which has been grown, prepared and served with love.
It sounds simple. Well, the truth is always simple, but then we humans add the complications. And it seems that we are expert at complicating our world. Particularly in recent years, many of our “advances” have brought us far from recognition of the perfect balance, simplicity and innate order in ourselves and in all things. The development and proliferation of chemical additives and preservatives, processed and fast food have affected us in numerous ways – and not for the better. Industrial methods take the life out of food and then manufacturers have added synthetic “flavor” and “zest” back into it. Sadly, our once vital, Light-filled, natural food-supply is now upstaged by the vast supply of altered, highly processed foods.

Because of this, maintaining a balanced, loving relationship with food has become difficult. We have gotten so far from the original path of simplicity that we now need guidance to carry out one of our most natural functions – eating. But eating food isn’t meant to be an obstacle to surmount, a chore, or a situation of fear; it’s meant to be an enjoyable part of life. It should also be the most natural and innate part of existence. The reason it is not, for so many, is that we have learned to dishonor life, and in turn the feelings of our bodies, the vehicles of our Souls. This, however, is learned behavior.

Think back to a day many years ago when you sat in an elementary school classroom, knowing that you had to go to the bathroom but instead opted to wait until “the proper time.” Our “civilized” societies have institutionalized life, have made us conform even our most basic needs into what “fits” in. It has been physically ingrained in us that our own individual comfort levels can be taught to us, appropriately met, and even dictated to us, from sources outside of ourselves. That’s why it seems nearly impossible these days to rely on ourselves to make choices that easily promote contentment and well-being. The only way to get back to an effortless, joyful experience with food is to deliberately make the act of eating sacred, entirely personal, and honoring of one’s deepest needs.

Something to Chew On

Spend five minutes meditating on or writing about the following questions. When you were young, were you given praise for finishing every last bite on your plate? Were you ever coerced into eating even after you felt full by being told about the starving children in other parts of the world, or about how others suffered and sacrificed to provide you with your meal? If so, then it’s likely that guilt has been coloring your world when it comes to eating – guilt for not eating enough, or guilt for eating too much. We are all born with an internal comfort-seeking mechanism. However, for many of us, it’s been reprogrammed to be out of whack by the guilt inherent in our fear-based social conditioning. If that’s been the case for you, realize now that it’s time to give up the guilt and eat only what resonates with your Soul!

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Maureen Whitehouse, the founder of Axiom and author of The E3 Transformational TriadTM, has helped thousands of people to radically shift their perception of challenge, transition and change. She teaches a brand of “practical-spirituality” as she speaks from her Soul about her real world experience as an international model, actress, feature reporter and talk show host. In 1996, she experienced a profound awakening and since then she has lived her life helping others realize their full potential. She is an authentic guiding beacon in the fields of human consciousness and personal transformation. Promoting the principles of Soul-Full Eating is just one highly-regarded aspect of her work. To find out more about her visit: and

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