Sow far. So good.

A seed falls from a tree and lands on a park bench. It isn’t dead but it lies dormant. Someone sits on the bench and brushes the seed onto a gravel path. It still isn’t dead but it still lies dormant.
The wind eases the seed from the gravel path onto a nearby flower bed. The soil is fertile. The conditions are ideal. There is connection.

The seed germinates and flourishes and grows into its full potential. People grow from connection with others. Of course we develop through knowledge and experience but if we are isolated or if we isolate ourselves or if we are planted in the wrong environment we will lie dormant: alive but not living. Possibilities unrealized.

Sometimes we are oblivious of our environment: a fish can’t see the water in which it swims. And sometimes we know that our environment isn’t serving us well but we continue to stay put, perhaps hoping for a brush with luck or a windfall.

If your current surroundings are not conducive to your personal growth, maybe you need to uproot and plant yourself in richer environment where people will support, nurture, and help you to grow into your full potential.

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Thomas Chalmers is an executive coach based in Scotland. He works with executives, politicians, and entrepreneurs. . Michael Imani is a life coach based in Atlanta. He has worked with clients in six countries. .