As Dorothy discovered when she returned to Kansas, her friends and family did not agree that the Land of Oz was “reality?

Conversely, gaining agreement from one’s friends does not guarantee that the information agreed upon is true or workable or will aid survival. Agreement is not necessarily reality. Although Man seems to crave agreement with his fellows, the fact that “everyone agrees that the world is flat?or that “the sun revolves around the Earth? does not make it a reality.

History has shown that agreements among people have very frequently proven to be disastrous. Example: Adolph Hitler gained the complete, unabated agreement of the majority of the German population before he led them into total self-destruction.

Lots of people agree when fast food franchise advertise-ments tell them that cheeseburgers, fries and milk shakes are good for them. We were, and still are, told, based on “medicalresearch?that these foods contain nutrients from all the “four basic food groups? This doesn’t change the fact that you get fat, develop hardened arteries and die an early death from heart disease or cancer if you keep eating cheeseburgers, fries and shakes.

The unprecedented multi-billion dollar profit margins earned by the beef and dairy industry and sugar growers in cooperation with the fast food restaurant cartels have a heavy influence on “truth in advertising? In addition, the quality of information we receive, as consumers, from the American Medical Association regarding the science of nutrition is directly influenced by fast food commercial interests.

Only one generation ago the Japanese people were nearly free of heart disease and cancer. In just 20 short years, since they have openly adopted the Standard American Diet (SAD)?Cheeseburgers, fries, milk shakes and liquid caffeine-filled sugar water called soda—the incidence of heart disease and cancer among the Japanese people has skyrocketed. The Japanese agreement with Western lifestyles is killing them.

Reality is often heavily influenced by the Oz Factor of agreement. Agreements influence our perception of reality. A child’s perception of his environment, his religious and political ideas and viewpoints about people are often heavily influenced by agreement with his mother and father.

Be cautious with whom you agree. Carefully examine ideas and information before you agree. Just because the preacher says, “sex is evil?or the President says, “I’m not a crook? does not make it reality.

Be careful about agreeing with Wicked Witches and Wizards who promote unworkable solutions. By your own observation decide what is real in the Physical Universe and in Your Own Universe.
Your reality is based on your agreements.

- from the book, "The Oz Factors"

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