Spinning is an excellent form of aerobic exercise that takes place in an indoor studio, to the beat of music and the commands of a Spinning instructor who sits at the front of the class. Spinning is a type of aerobic exercise that is performed on specially designed stationary bikes. Spinning is a complement to our other human powered activities and helps us maintain a our high level of fitness throughout the year. Spinning is and excellent calorie burner, using about 600 calories in an hour.


Spinning is completely safe for people of all age groups. It is the perfect way to tone your body while reducing stress and having fun. Spinning classes combine a foundation of basic cycling movements with motivational coaching techniques, breathing awareness and heart rate training. Spinning shoes are very effective and will aide in your workout, allowing you to increase the effectiveness in your pedal stroke by almost 30 percent.

Spinning Workout

Whether you are looking for a cardio class or trying to keep in biking shape during bad weather, Spinning gives you a terrific workout. Spinning is a workout program performed on a stationary bike, designed to work cardiovascular muscles. The Spinning workouts use exercise bikes specially designed for the rigors of hard workouts.

A spinning workout offers the best of both worlds, enabling you to go at your own pace, but still enjoy the energy and camaraderie of a group workout. Most spinning workouts burn an average of 500 calories, so it is essential that you take in the proper amounts of proteins, fats and carbohydrates throughout the day.

With the ease of controlling your own workouts, the instructor’s encouragement, the inspiring music and class participation, your experience will undoubtedly be one that will leave you wanting more.

Spinning Bike

While the majority of people who participate in Spinning workouts do so in an organized class in a commercial setting, a growing number of exercisers are purchasing the spinning bikes for their own home gym, as they usually feature a durable heavy duty construction, but are still easily moveable due to attached wheels.

Spinning is a great eco-aerobic workout because it's done on an unplugged stationery bike. Though participants sit on bikes that are stationary, don't ever compare spinning to riding a stationary bike within earshot of an aficionado. You're not just sitting on a bike pedaling.


In summer, indoor spinning is the safer alternative to a hard workout on the road. In the fall, when inclement weather keeps us off the roads, spinning is an effective fitness bridge for cross country skiers. Over the winter, indoor spinning is a great way to maintain the aerobic base you worked so hard for over the cycling season.

Many people after trying out, various cardio exercise and all types of exercises have unanimously come to a conclusion that spinning is the best way to lose weight and gain a great figure. In fact, spinning is regarded as the most beneficial exercise by most of the fitness trainers. Spinning pushes the body to the optimum level, on a personal note, after spinning I feel great.

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Spinning is an invigorating way to keep fit and healthy fun workout for all ages and fitness levels. The body changing exercise that combines music and motivation in a non-impact workout. Find out more about Spinning Is The Most Popular Group Fitness Program

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