Have you ever asked the Divine for help? Perhaps called on an angel for some assistance? A decade ago, I rarely even considered doing such a thing. Today, I call on Spirit several times a day; it is as normal to me as brushing my teeth.

Recently, however, I found myself getting frustrated. I was asking Spirit for guidance on something and just did not feel like I was getting any help. When I finally calmed my mind, I was able to see that I was expecting Spirit to answer me in a "big" way.

But messages from Spirit are not always obvious or crystal clear. So here are a few gentle reminders--for you and me--on hearing Spirit.

TIP 1. Breathe with Spirit. This tip is the simplest one on the list and probably the most effective. Please don't skip right over it! Being conscious of your breath and your connection with Spirit--even if it is just for a few moments--can make a huge difference in your day. Simply breathe in Spirit, and exhale whatever you would like to release (fear, anger, pain, etc.) Reminding yourself of your constant connection with Spirit frees you to receive the gifts that are being offered to you.

TIP 2. Be open to Spirit conversing with you in a multitude of ways. Don't have your heart set on having a "conversation" with Spirit like you do with another human or on receiving information from Spirit in the way you did "last time." These expectations can block many other ways Spirit has of communicating with you--ways that may be far easier for you to receive and recognize right now.

TIP 3. Be very aware! You may receive messages from Spirit through: music you hear; thoughts which "magically" appear in your head; hunches; items you are attracted to in emails, newspapers, or magazines; comments that you "randomly" overhear; your friends, family members, or coworkers; new clients/customers who mirror you in some way; television programs or movies that you suddenly have an urge to watch; things you see on a billboard, sign, or license plate; unusual or meaningful-to-you numerical sequences; odd things/events you witness; unusual or recurring appearances by wildlife; songs that come to you in your sleep or uncharacteristically re-play in your head; your dreams; feelings or sensations (touch, sound, smell, etc.); contests you win; and/or somebody telling you something in a different context that provides you with just the information you have been requesting. The list goes on!

TIP 4. Approach receiving information from Spirit as a small child approaches an Easter Egg Hunt in her own backyard--with absolute delight! The child does not sit and worry--are there Easter Eggs out there for me? Will I ever be able to find them? The child KNOWS there are wonderful, delicious gifts waiting for her. There is no doubt, no compulsive worrying--only excitement and exuberance.

TIP 5. Enjoy ALL the connections you have with Spirit. When you do receive information or a sign, don't drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out if a meaning isn't immediately apparent to your conscious mind. Allow yourself to simply enjoy the manifestation of Spirit in your daily life. Your curiosity, gratitude, and enjoyment will feed upon itself and allow you to open up to further encouragement, information, and understandings.

TIP 6. Be aware of patterns. It may be helpful to write down the information/signs you are receiving. Sometimes one sign may make no sense to you, but when added to the next few, you may recognize a pattern and gain greater awareness. Also, be open to receiving "directional guides" versus "answers."

TIP 7. Know that you are OK and safe allowing yourself to be guided and supported. KNOW that you do not have to struggle for everything or do everything on your own. Allow yourself to be OK with that! Ask for help and allow yourself to receive.

When you live with Spirit in this way, you are constantly reminded of your connection with the Divine and your connection with everything in the universe. So open yourself up to the many gifts that are available to you. Have some fun! What treasures are waiting for you today? How many will you recognize?

Author's Bio: 

Arleen Hannich, MA, is a Spiritual Facilitator. Providing Divine Presence, Inspirational Messages from Spirit, and the Oneness Blessing, she invites you to create a more conscious and enjoyable relationship with yourself and the Divine. Sign up for her free Ezine "The Divine Connection" at www.ArleenHannich.com