Ever wondered how we keep adding more stuff into the gray matter between our ears each second and never really worry about how long it could hold it all in together? Yes, it is undeniably the most sophisticated storage system to be found in the Universe but we do need to leave room for better stuff to get in there from time to time.

Your brain may be filled with so much clutter that could in fact be standing in the way of you progressing in any aspect of life. I am not referring to the dozens of phone numbers that could just as well be stored in your cell phone or the awful movie you watched last night.

Revisit your life. Edit it. De-clutter it. Feel better about it.

You will never be able to find a person who only has happy memories for happiness is merely one of the colors the prism emits when the light of life touches it.We all have had our moments of guilt, disappointment, frustration, grief and rejections.

Although time would appear to have healed the pain, most of it remains embedded within the subconsious mind. The scars that remain are the tip of the iceberg.You need to clean your mind of negative experiences and memories that have the tendency to reappear. Why should you do that?

You need to be able to feel better about your life before anyone else does. No one can progress without doing so. Some individuals use these bad experiences as stepping stones to move on. They help build the fire beneath the dream. Achieving the dream therefore, helps the person to overcome the pain.

Unfortunately, not every unpleasant incident gives one the opportunity to forgive and forget. If you have betrayed someone in the past and this person no longer exists, the pain may have reduced superficially with time but to believe that it has vanished from your subconscious mind would be a lie.

How can I prove that? Well, quite simply any incident that has the ability to conjure negative emotions within you when remembered falls under this category.

How can you do that? You don’t really need to fix an appointment with your shrink to sort this issue out. You just need to set aside a little time each month to do it on your own. Clearing clutter each month is less exhaustive than if you were to do it once a year or less.

For some of us, the process may seem easier whereas the others may not really hit the right buttons instantly. It takes time for your brain to remember each incident and if you think you need to wait for your PC to restart, then you should give a reasonable amount of time for the mega-PC between your ears to restart too!

How do you begin?

Ask questions. Questions that lead you to the right memory box.

Let me give you a few examples:

1. What is the worst/ one of the worst incident/s that happened in my life? (Reply each incident in its entirety in your mind, slowly. Move from moment to moment just as it happened. Do not rush through it. Don’t attempt to change anything. Not yet.)

2. How do I feel when I think of it?
(If the incident brings out intense emotions, do not be afraid to face them. This should be the last time you face them. As you rewind the incident in your mind, edit it.)

3. How would I have prefered it to turn out?
(Act out the preferred outcome in your mind. It may not make you feel better immediately, but by doing so, the healing process is injected into your subconscious mind.)

4. Can I forgive or be forgiven?
(Acceptance always leads to cure. Allow yourself to accept the fact that you would have loved to change the way the incident occured, if you were given the opportunity to do so.

This paves the way for forgiveness. if you still have the opportunity to seek for forgiveness or forgive, take steps to do so immediately.)

5. Do I feel better about it now?
(Unless you feel better about it, do not move on to the next memory. At times, some incidents would need more than one session to heal completely but everything has a cure. Some memories would have stayed within you long enough to have caused a deep crater that
needs to be really nursed back to normalcy.)

Good memories are like feathers and the bad ones resemble rocks. So, are you carrying more rocks than you can afford to? Its much easier crossing that finish line when you carry a lighter baggage.

It is much easier living when you shed the clutter. A positively charged mind will yield better results than a negative one.

It is time to remove all the rocks and replace them with feathers. We all need the change…more so now than ever.

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Author's Bio: 

Sheeba Riyas is an author, motivational speaker and founder of UToL, the revolutionary scientific personal development platform.

Having studied and researched the complex structures of scientific theories such as the Chaos Theory and Quantum Physics, she is reaching out to thousands of people from all walks of life in an effort to bring out the best in each person.

UToL goes beyond motivation and self development. It reveals the real person within the biological infrastructure that connects one to the Universe.