Ah, springtime! There’s excitement in the air, people seem happier, and all of the seasonal depressives finally feel human again.

I wonder if the extra hour of sunlight might help some people to manage their weight better this year. The carbs so many of us crave in winter may slowly give way to fruits of the season, along with activity instead of hibernation.

But that doesn’t mean it’s diet season! It means being attentive to bodily needs and responding appropriately. I believe we have different physiological and psychological needs in different seasons. The human body can regulate weight remarkably well, so let it do its job without interfering!

Research has confirmed that many of us crave serotonin in the winter, which is created from carbohydrates. This chemical helps to prevent depression and calm us down; even makes us sleepy. Spring may bring different cravings, so listen to your body by eating when hungry and stopping when satisfied. This strategy should put you on the path to an ideal weight.

Although we are tempted to get a head start shedding pounds as we shed clothes, ask yourself how many diets you’ve been on and how many times you’ve gained back weight. Make this spring a time of cleansing yourself of self-defeating rituals, and making changes that can last a lifetime. Cleansing your pantry of partially hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup is a great start.

Not only will these changes improve your health, they may result in pounds lost. Becoming a pickier eater may mean passing up crappy cookies at work because you ate some fabulous Brent and Sam’s oatmeal raisin pecan cookies for breakfast. It’s not only painless, it’s enjoyable!

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Dr. Abby Aronowitz is a frequently cited Expert for WebMD.com, a writer for AOL Diet and Fitness, and a weekly columnist for eDiets.com (in the Worst Foods newsletter). Formerly a consultant to Weight Watchers International, Inc., she spent 16 years as a private practice psychologist, and authored Your Final Diet. ("This is fabulous!" Senator Hillary R. Clinton). She has spoken for the National Organization for Women (NOW) and Mensa, and graduated from Columbia University. Learn more about her work at http://www.DearDrAbby.com