Here is a quick peek at how communication skills can be enhanced massively by utilizing it to communicate with our inner selves.

1. Build your Self worth:Getting a snapshot of our inner self and communicating with it is the stepping stone for lasting success. We may have to tweak that picture a little to make it better. After all the inner torment many of us have gone through, this is high time we dive in for a quick look and fix. How can we do that?Many successful people believe that building one's self worth is the best investment one can make. They have always emphasized on the goodness and importance of giving. Most of the people look at this idea with scoff and feel that they can give out only when they more than enough, a typical indicator of lack of self worth. The only way to build self worth is by doing good to others and by giving. The good news is that you need not give away money all the time. You can give your time; donate food, blood and lots of other things.

Important: The Intention of giving should be to satisfy oneself and not for appreciation or publicity. It is an act to build your self worth. If you keep searching for approval of others, you will be chasing a mirage. If you actually begin to work toward self approval and build your self worth, you will automatically get all the approval or recognition that you need. This is the natural way and we all know, the best way to do anything.all Good communication skills have a foundatation in this rule.

2. Interrupting and Empowering: The Right way to use...Most of the communication skills courses tell us not to interrupt. I think they are leaving out an important and natural power. Interrupting need not be only in a conversation. It has many garbs. You may be interrupting your sleep to read this article and some times, it is a good thing to do. So instead of casting away it as an unnecessary behavior, utilize it in the following way.

Due to the ritualistic living that we are undergoing, it is quite easy to adjust ourselves into a stereotype and react to circumstances. This is one of the reasons everything stays mediocre instead of the Grand. We often interrupt or grand ideas and empower mediocrity because it is familiar and we won't be seen as fools. If you reverse this process, i.e. interrupt mediocrity and empower creativity, you will have lot more satisfaction and success.

Next time you catch yourself thinking of a problem interrupt that thinking and empower your self to look for the solution rather than keep staring at the problem. Who says learning communication skills can be boring? We get a whole new dimension don't we?

3. Choosing your Direction: Most of the well meaning gurus of modern life have taught us to have goals and I also talk about this on my communication skills website .Some of the gurus have gone to the extent of telling us to create the reality in our mind and live it until it manifests in the real world. This is good thing to do and it does work. We have to understand that it is a creative process, and we should not use our logical and rational thinking to destroy this process.

It is necessary to have goals in life as goal posts, as indicators and route maps. But, not as the final destination. Many people get confused with goal setting and set themselves up for disappointment.All our goals should be aimed at inner satisfaction first and then external manifestation.It will be lot easier when you take the tension off a destination and create a goal post for yourselves.

To sum up, Build your self worth and master your internal communication. Use the power of interruption to the max and finally, take off destinations and put up goal posts.When you have these three criteria with you it's like mastering the accelerator, gears and brake of you fine tuned engine. Drive wherever you like. Your communication skills will be awesome and powerful.

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