Will it ever end?

I was sitting in the car dealer waiting room the other day, waiting for the oil to be changed in my car. The TV in the waiting room seemed to have constant news reports about the rising cost of oil.

Every time we think (or hope) it has finally peaked, oil goes up again. What’s worse, it doesn’t go up slowly. It seems to spike each and every time. How has that affected your budget?

There was only one other person in the room with me. We talked about what these prices were doing to us and people we know. He told me his daughter could no longer afford to go somewhere other than work except for rare cases. The fuel cost is simply too high.

Later that night I was watching the local news. Once again, reports about how the gas prices have reached levels where people are no longer able to drive to places where they did before. As a result, businesses are struggling which makes the problem even worse.

Soon we will no longer be able to conduct business as we always have. High gas prices leads to less travel AND less spending in general. This leads to businesses suffering. Because businesses are suffering, they cannot afford to pay their employees more money and some people are laid off. Therefore, people have even less money. This leads them to travel and spend even less. Then businesses…..well, you get the idea. What is the answer to the cycle?

All of us will have to make adjustments to survive in this new environment. What’s exciting is that at the same time it becomes almost unaffordable to drive our car, technology is making it so we really don’t have to.

The internet is much more advanced today than most people realize. It also becomes more advanced very very quickly. 6 months from now, we will have a different internet than we do today. 6 months after that, it will be different yet again.

Never will there be a better time to enter a stay at home mom’s business opportunity than right now. For the first time in history, you can be 100% effective AT HOME. Your advertising, billing, communication, meetings…EVERYTHING can be done online. No need to burn fuel.

What’s also awesome is the fact that internet marketing, if done correctly, is FREE. So, you own a business that allows you to work without ever leaving home and your advertizing budget is ZERO. This is the answer to the gas crisis.

Another reason why NOW is the perfect time to start your business is that gas prices are likely to get worse, not better. The reasons I just mentioned that make now a perfect time to start a home based business will FORCE people into it as oil prices get even higher. If you start now, you will be perfectly positioned to help a ton of people in their time of need (and make a large sum of money for yourself).

Of course, the decision to make this move often is hard to make for many people. There are a number of books written that will help you better understand your options. One of the best ones, “How To Have A Corner Office With A Swing Set View,” can be obtained for FREE at our website. Simply click on the link in the resource box to visit the site and get your copy at no charge.

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If gas prices are making it difficult for you to function, perhaps a stay at home mom’s business opportunity is right for you. Receive a FREE copy of “How To Have A Corner Office With A Swing Set View” when you visit our stay at home moms business opportunity website. If you would like to request an interview, call Angela at (786) 348-7397.