When you think of people who are living a fabulous life who comes to mind? Bill Gates? Meryl Streep? Some prince, princess, or high dignitary? Bill Gates is the richest man in the world and he is deeply involved in helping people around the world. That’s not only fabulous, that’s almost fabled.

But if you knew someone who was going about their life without fame, wealth, and public adulation, would you say that that person is living a fabulous life?

For most people the answer would be ”No.”

And that makes the lives of 99%-plus of the people alive at any time un-fabulous.

Are fame, wealth, and public adulation the only criteria for a fabulous life?

We think not.

What about:

** Being true to your deepest desire.
** Standing apart from the crowd. .
** Putting yourself on the line, which means you take big risks.
** Speaking your truth.

Anyone who can live according to those standards is truly living a fabulous life.

But we all know that, no matter our intentions, most people (including those who are successful) are confronted, almost daily, with obstacles to their own fulfillment.

Yes, there are external obstacles. But the obstacles that really matter, that are actually far more powerful, are the unconscious blocks and resistances that dictate what you can and cannot do and who you can be — no matter what you tell yourself consciously.

Those unconscious limits take many forms and dictate what you have internal permission to pursue and what is forbidden to you.

But there is one limit-maker that applies to everyone, no matter their status in the world, which can seriously prevent you from living your fabulous life. And that is your willingness and capacity, or not, to advance beyond your station..

By “station” we mean the extent to which you can envision yourself out in the world. Because when that vision is limited, then to that extent you impose your own restrictions on how far you can go toward self-discovery, self-acknowledgment, self-expression, and self-satisfaction.
You are not divine but human. You are not infinite nor eternal. So there will always be some measure of limitation to which you can envision yourself out in the world.

And, right now, what’s the extent to which your vision propels you forward toward a larger life? And, how is your vision currently limiting the way you are presently living?

To live a fabulous life is to step out beyond the extent to which you can envision yourself at any moment. Because when you do, you are in a moment of discovery, of daring, of hearty imagination as you realize and bring to life the rich gifts that exist within you.

No, you don’t have to be fabled to be fabulous. But you do have to be willing to step out. And step out again, and again. When you do, a truly fabulous life awaits you.

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Husband-and-wife psychology team and Internet marketers Judith Sherven, Ph.D. and Jim Sniechowski, Ph.D. pioneered a heart-based approach to Soft Sell Marketing. They’ve taken
that approach into producing “Bridging Heart and Marketing” - their unique, first-time-ever Internet marketing conference dedicated to the specific needs of the Soft Sell marketing community - for whom the typical hard sell "hype" doesn't fit.

By Soft Sell they’re referring to all the personal growth, healing and life-enhancement providers who market services and products. Unlike typical hard sell tactics, Soft Sell Marketing reinforces a caring and trustworthy relationship between marketers and the prospects and customers they want to attract.