There is not much I can add to the images we are inundated nearly ad nauseam. They are powerful and they are important. We have a new America as of September 11, 2001 due largely to the coverage by the media of an event that happened far from most Americans individual homes. In recent history we have not had the political will or for that matter, the public support, to retaliate against terrorist attacks due largely to the coverage by the same media.

Just this minute (4:00 Sunday 9/16/01) on CNN they are talking about CNN/TimeWarner poll numbers which lead to a division within our country over the way to retaliate and the support for our President in a protracted war. If the images are not portrayed enough to be implanted into our national psychic we will soon have the same lack of public support we have had in the past and we will end up doing more of nothing or with the same attitude the anti-Vietnam war protestors had. We dare not forget that the major media is essentially liberal and they have an agenda that is in danger of losing support. What we have within the major media is a competition of agenda's. To many within the major media and Congress gay rights, earth warming, hate crimes legislation, and the like, are more important. You will see it happening when the politicians start sniping at President Bush supported by poll numbers.

We who have children and grandchildren are likely to have them involved directly in this war. I am very worried about that but, in a way, I think it will give a stronger purpose to their lives and make them stronger people. Everything is going to change. As some friends and I were talking last night, there is today and then the tomorrows in our lives, the Past and the perspectives of the past will have totally new meaning. Just as there are major events in our individual lives that change our lives there are events in history that change the future for all time for all of us. Just as in our individual lives we cannot change the past, we cannot change history. The only direction we have that we can travel is forward from this disastrous moment in history.

The events in history that led to this horrible act are events that were promulgated perhaps a thousand years ago. We can access blame all we want but nothing will change what the future is going to be. As you probably know, I am absolutely and totally a fatalist. That is, I believe that what is supposed to be will be. So be it. The lessons we learn from our individual past and from history are the reasons that good things, and bad things like this, happen.

© 2001 George J. Stewart

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