Anita had been married for over 8 years when she suddenly discovered that she was pregnant for the first time. She was overjoyed to see the result on her pregnancy kit, so much so that she started crying uncontrollably. She had waited in desperation for far too long to not feel this excited.

She has always loved children and wanted to have one of her own shortly after she got married to her college sweetheart. Initially, her spouse was apprehensive about starting a family so soon after marriage and wanted to wait for a year before they could bring a baby into the family.

The wait, unfortunately, was far too long. For the next 5 years, she was constantly praying for an answer to her increasing anxiety and depression.

Although she began paying great attention to her health in an effort to prepare her body for pregnancy, it just never happened.

Finally, after the completion of 6 years of marriage; Anita decided to opt for medical assistance to conceive. Sadly, her spouse, who was by now annoyed at his wife’s desperation; decided not to support her decision. He was getting too comfortable with having no additional responsibilities and was in absolutely no hurry to have any children.

This issue caused a strain in the marriage that went from bad to worse in the next year or so. Anita moved on with her life and focused on her career, which kept her mind away from her domestic problems.

It was only natural that living under such circumstances would cause any relationship to drift apart and Anita’s marriage was no different. Before they knew it, she had moved out of their home and they were separated for a more than a year.

Anita was disappointed that despite having spent hours praying,crying, worrying and preparing for a child; she could never conceive.

Medical tests that were conducted declared that both her husband and she were fit to have a child but for some strange unknown reason, it did not happen.

A year after their separation, Anita bumped into her now ex-husband in a mall and they spoke to each other. It was obvious that somewhere within them, they still did love each other and before long, they wanted to move in together and start things afresh.

This time, they took time to understand and love each other unconditionally. They spent quality time together, discovering each other all over again.

Anita just allowed herself to be swept off her feet and that was exactly what he did. One fine day, she realized that she was feeling nauseous in the mornings over the past few weeks. This time, she was not anxious or depressed.

She was calm, happy and relaxed when she took the pregnancy test. She was just feeling blessed. True enough,as she saw the second bright blue stripe appear on the indicator just above the positive sign, she could hardly believe her eyes!

An overwhelming flow of emotions drenched her and she wept in joy. Calling her husband at work that day, she announced the great news and he too was delighted at finally having made through the long journey.

Today, Anita is the proud mother of a brilliant,adorable girl who learnt a highly valuable lesson in life. Have faith in yourself and never worry yourself to failure.

Anita has no one to blame for all the years she was ‘trying’ to get pregnant but herself. She was too busy trying to get pregnant and was always doing so with fear and doubts creeping up her neck.

Why should we try so hard for something that occurs naturally? Each one of us is destined and created to procreate. There is no reason why we should doubt ourselves or our bodies.

Anita would probably have conceived much earlier, had she had more faith in herself. Instead she wasted precious time worrying herself to failure.

Life will only prove you right if you keep trying so hard with a mind full of fear and anxiety. Free your mind, body and soul and believe that there is no reason why you cannot bear a child.

Relax and enjoy the experiences that life unfolds before you, knowing that your body has all that it needs to procreate.

After all, it all starts with a few cells embedding themselves in your womb and these cells contain atoms that coexist in a Universe of matter. If you emit atoms of positiveness into your body through your thoughts, your body will absorb this vibration and transmit it to all the channels that define the path of your desire. In this way, your belief will manifest unless you believe otherwise.

You deserve parenthood as much as any other person and never underestimate your potentials.

Author's Bio: 

Sheeba Riyas is an author,motivational speaker and founder of UToL, the revolutionary scientific personal development platform.

Having studied and researched the complex structures of scientific theories such as the Chaos Theory and Quantum Physics, she is reaching out to thousands of people from all walks of life in an effort to bring out the best in each person.

UToL goes beyond motivation and self development. It reveals the real person within the biological infrastructure that connects one to the Universe.