Although technology is making life easier, you will see that a lot of people are still in perpetual state of stress. It is not really surprising that many of us are on our toes nowadays because we are plagued with various challenges, such as rising oil prices, mortgage payment woes, difficult bosses at work and complicated personal relationships, that are not very easy to deal with. Thus, most of us would just rather deal with all the abovementioned problems first and cope with stress and our health later.

If you are one of the people who have this attitude toward stress, then you do not fully comprehend the gravity of the situation. Chronic stress is not something that should be ignored or disregarded because it affects our immune system. Various diseases, some of them fatal, are sometimes due to stress; so, never take this problem for granted.

Understanding This Thing Called Stress

Simply put, stress is the "rate of wear and tear within the body", according to Hans Salye, an Austro-Canadian endocrine system specialist. Stress is also how a person reacts to his or her environment.

People's response to stressors (factors that causes stress) varies. One person may not find it hard to adapt to a very demanding work schedule, while another might feel stressed and overwhelmed by the situation. The person who knows how to adapt to his or her situation well has a slower rate of wear and tear, while the one who is easily agitated or negatively affected by the difficulties or problems he or she is facing is more likely to have a faster rate of deterioration.

You might have noticed that people who do not let stress affect their lives look and feel younger, while those who are plagued by chronic stress often look harassed, older than their age and are afflicted by several diseases.

Finding The Connection

For years now, scientists have been studying the effects of stress in an individual. Although most studies show a strong connection between stress and the immune system, the results seem to be contradictory. Some studies have shown that stress can help improve the immune system, while others claim that it is bad for the health.

Short-term Stress May Boost Immune System

Studies claiming that stress is beneficial to the immune system are actually true. However, it is important to note that only short-term stress is beneficial because sudden bursts of stress trigger what is called the adrenaline rush. If your house is on fire, this stressor will help you to be strong and your immune system will work double time in helping you either fight the situation or flee from the disaster. This type of stress sets off a person's survival instinct.

Long-term Or Chronic Stress Is Detrimental To Your Health

The immune system's response to chronic and perpetual stress, however, is different. Actually, studies have confirmed that the longer period you are under stress, the bigger chances that your immune system will deteriorate and suffer.

Just think of your immune system as a soldier. During the first few days of battle, a soldier has the strength to fight the enemy with all his or her might. However, if the battle goes on for several weeks and months, the soldier will start to feel weak and exhausted and will no longer be effective in fighting off the enemy, especially if he or she is not able to rest well. The initial adrenaline rush that the soldier might feel during the first few days will now be inexistent, and exhaustion and deprivation will start to creep in.

We all know that we need a strong immune system to ward off many diseases. Our immune system is our first line of defense against infections and illnesses. Furthermore, it is also the one that helps restore and regenerate our tissues and cells. A poor and deteriorated immune system will make us more susceptible to bigger health problems, such as autoimmune diseases and even certain types of cancer.

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