Young people are great
Young people sometimes think that they are useless and not worth anything. They struggle with their feelings. They fall in love and are desperate. And at the same time they don't spend enough time to study. They get stressed and they feel worthless. If these things apply to you, relax! In reality you are great!

Why do I say that you are a great
1. You struggle a lot. A great struggle means that you are not involved with small things. Many great men struggled a lot. Only through struggling and surviving your problems you will become stronger. If you don't have to face difficulties you won't grow.
2. You are facing your problems, you are not denying them. That means you are honest with yourself. That is the way to grow.
3. You are intelligent and you have very deep feelings. That is what it takes to become great..

But you have to be careful: things are not really going well at this time. There is a danger that you can't handle the problems and that they will make you ill. But with the power of your mind you can overcome this too. You just have to make sure that you are healthy and convince yourself that you can overcome the problems.

About love. I can't decide if your love is good for you or not. But you have to know that more young people are struggling with love. The time will come when those things become clear.

Your behaviour in love should be honest. Just tell the truth. If you are honest, you are right. When you are honest and open, you will attract honesty and open minded people. Don't be afraid to show your feelings. If you do, other people will also show their true feelings. It is possible that they laugh about you for a while. But those people will feel shame afterwards, maybe they'll come back to you.

You will automatically gain more self confidence when you know that you do the right thing.

When bad things are happening to you remember this line: whatever happens to me in the end will appear to be the best thing that could ever happen to me. I strongly believe that this is true. I experienced it so often. I realise that there is some guiding force that helps me live my life the way I should. By facing problems and solving them, my growth is guaranteed. So please keep that line in mind.

Next: About feelings and thoughts. Probably you need to become more balanced. If you are religious, say your prayers. But don't ask God for help. Try to keep your mind empty and just say your prayers and try to listen. You can express your thankfulness for everything you have. This will help you to become more balanced.

If you don't want to pray, stand up straight and put the palms of your hands together. Imagine that there is a light streaming through your body, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. That can also help you to become more balanced.

Your life will be great!

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