Ever feel stuck in a rut and not sure about how to get out? If so, you're not alone. It's easy to get bored in the comfort of doing the same things in the same way at the same time. Here are nine simple and practical ideas to get out of a boring routine, and back into the enjoyment of life.

1. Conscious Breath
It all starts with breath! Conscious breath. Taking a conscious breath relaxes and energizes. Breath after breath, real life comes forth again. It brings you back into into the present moment, out from the past, and out from the future. In the here and now, breath brings energy, relaxation, and clarity. Breath in deeply, slowly, and consciously, and exhale. Do it again! Feel the difference?

2. Do Something You Aren't Doing Now
It's easy to get into a rut with the same uninspiring routine every day. You get up out of the same side of the bed, shower and wash your body parts in the same order, drive to work on the same route, then come home to watch television on the same spot on the sofa every There is an easy way out. Do something you aren't doing now. Do something different! Something big, something small, something silly, something out of the ordinary. Wear one black sock and one red sock. Wash your feet before you wash your hair. Hold your tongue instead of bickering with your spouse. Take a walk to the neighborhood grocery store instead of driving. Do one thing different and make a positive difference in your life today life.

3. Talk to Yourself Lovingly
Self-talk tends to gravitate toward the negative. This self-critical self-talk rut can rob you of your enthusiasm for your dreams and leave you feeling less confident. It's not necessary to control your negative thoughts or to only think positive ones. Instead, look into the mirror regularly, focus on what you're doing right, and speak constructively to yourself. Realistic constructive self-talk can reduce stress, leave you feeling more capable, and help you put more enjoyment into your life.

4. Love Your Body
It's easy to fall into a routine of neglecting, mistreating, or even hating your body. No matter what your weight or health, do something radically different today. Walk on over to the nearest mirror and have a real conversation with your body. Tell it what a great job it's been doing of helping you go through the experience of life. And no matter how much abuse or neglect you've put it through, it's still done its best to give you a home to live in.

5. Stop Complaining
Complaining about how things are is an easy habit to fall into. But complaining doesn't resolve a situation. And deep down it doesn't provide much satisfaction. Next time you find yourself complaining, take a breath and switch your focus to something that is going right or well in your world. What you give your attention and focus to will grow.

6. Get Outside
Have you been hibernating indoors? Too many hours sitting behind your computer or in front of the television? The average person spends about 90% of their times indoors. Staying indoors for too long can leave you bored, not to mention unhealthy. Fresh air, sunshine, and natural scenery provide peace, relaxation, greater psychological resilience, and stimulation of all your senses. No matter what the weather is, get geared up and head outside into nature. Sharpened senses, psychological health, and greater connection to your spirit will all get you out of the rut.

7. Clean the Clutter
Get your energy moving by taking a good look at your environment. Clutter drains your energy and can leave you feeling uninspired. Are your closets stuffed with too many clothes and shoes? Are your kitchen pantry, shelves, and drawers filled with old boxes of food, stacks of unorganized Tupperware, and trashy catchall drawers? Is your office overflowing with piles of magazines, stacks of paper, and unfiled receipts? It's never easy to start cleaning your clutter. To avoid overwhelm, take fifteen minutes every day to tackle one area. When the time is up, just leave it until the next day. You'll feel successful and your clutter will be gone in no time at all. Think of all the energy you'll free up to enjoy life!

8. Redecorate
Give your life a much needed lift by redecorating your living or working space. How about painting the walls a new color? Vibrant colors can leave you feeling invigorated and enthusiastic. Don't feel like painting? Rearrange the furniture and rotate the pictures on the walls. Rearranging furniture is one of the easiest ways to feel refreshed. Rearranging brings variety, clears energy, and helps you sort things out in your head.

9. Define Fun
It's a big world out there and there's so many ways to have fun. And so many definitions of fun. Where do you find fun? Is it being creative, being alone, being in good company, enjoying the fresh air, laughing, going on an adventure, or perhaps trying something new? Write down your list of ideas, activities, and actions that bring the fun back into your life. Then go out and have some fun!

Being stuck in a rut can leave you unmotivated and uninspired. If you find yourself in a rut, use these eight ideas to break free. Simple changes can get you energized, happier, and living life the way you really want to once again.

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