There are two basic ways to use subliminals for self development and self Change so that you may stay in tune with the universe and change old beliefs into new beliefs. These two ways are known as audio subliminals and video subliminals.
Audio Subliminals-
Generally, using audio subliminals means that you are listening to something such as music or a person reading a book on a tape, CD, or online and there is a subliminal message hidden in the audio. The message could be someone’s voice repeating a word or phrase continuously at a lower volume than the actual recording or, in some cases, there is a phrase or word being played backwards as the audio plays regularly. These messages, which are usually positive messages, are not perceived by the conscious mind, but rather the subconscious receives the message. You can either purchase subliminal audio’s or you can purchase software to create you own. Basically, with audio subliminals, you are consciously hearing what the CD or tape is supposed to be playing. This could be sounds of nature, music, or anything that you can find. However, underneath the sound you are hearing are special messages, which only your subconscious is processing. In order for audio subliminals to effectively reprogram your subconscious mind, it is stated that you listen to your audios everyday. It is also important to keep your conscious mind busy through using your audio subliminals as a background noise. Try reading a book or cleaning as you listen to your audios. It is also important to remember that, when you are using any type of subliminal messages to reprogram your subconscious mind so you can achieve more in life, you cannot put limits on it. You cannot expect overnight results, nor can you expect the subliminals to work in any specific time frame. It really depends on your previous programming, your desire to change your life, and the types of thoughts you are still feeding into your conscious mind as to how quickly your audio subliminals work. Patience is a virtue that truly pays off when you are in the process of tapping into the full potential of your mind through reprogramming it.
Video Subliminals -
Video subliminals have the same basic meaning as audio in that they are sending messages directly to your subconscious so that you can reprogram the way you act, think, react to the world around you, etc… the only difference is that video subliminals use images, phrases, and words in things such as movies, your PC, and pictures as a way to hide the message from your conscious mind. Whatever video subliminals you use will flash these pictures or messages across the screen many times, yet your conscious mind will not see them, but rather your subconscious mind will process them, eventually reprogramming itself to use these more positive messages, instead of the negative ones you were programmed with previously. As with using audio subliminals as a way to reprogram your mind, it is important that you use your visual subliminals consistently everyday. Our minds, though they can be reprogrammed, are things of habit and if you are feeding positive thoughts into them daily, there is a chance that you can fall back into old, negative ways of thinking and living. Once again, patience is a virtue with subliminal reprogramming because it takes time to reprogram something that has been the same for a countless number of years.

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