With the recent popularity of articles about manifestation and the law of attraction, more and more people learn and apply the science of manifestation in their everyday lives to achieve success.

At the same time there are many people who think that when they learn about the law of attraction and they start to visualize, use affirmations and other tools of manifestation, money and success will suddenly appear at their doorsteps. Some people even use the law of attraction as an excuse to inaction. They think that all they need to do is to think about what they want, and they will attract it.

I'm convinced that the law of attraction works and that likes attract likes. A proper state of mind is the necessary ingredient to attract what we want. But if the positive state of mind is not followed by action it is a wasted opportunity. Let's don't use the law of attraction as an excuse for laziness.

When we use the law of attraction properly, we attract right circumstances and right people into our lives. We also attract different opportunities. When the opportunity comes we need to take action. We need to do some work. If we just sit, visualize and meditate we won't manifest anything. Maybe some yogis can manifest something by years and years of meditation, but I don't think average person can.

You can test it. Sit down and visualize that someone comes to your home and brings you a thousand dollar. Do it every day and you will see if it happens or not. If you don't take action money won't appear at your doorstep, but opportunities to make thousands dollars will appear. Now, if you act on them you will be successful, because all successful people always take action.

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