If you're serious about surviving an affair you must start by asking yourself a question. Do you know what you really want?

We recommend that irrespective of whether you're the cheated or the cheating
partner you are totally honest with yourself and your partner
and decide whether you really want to stay in the relationship,
irrespective of whether your partner does.

Sometimes the easiest course of action in the short term is not
the best one in the medium or long term. That's why you really
need to be honest. If you choose the easy option now you may
just be putting off the difficult one.

If it's just a case that you don't know yet what you want, then
that's perfectly natural. You're still in a state of confusion
and need more time. But if you do know, then be brave enough
to take the appropriate action.

Whatever your situation, you need to be prepared to go into a
new relationship. You've probably heard the saying 'if you
keep doing the same old things you're going to continue getting
the same old results'. So whether you stay with your current
partner or leave them and eventually find a new one, you need
to treat either as a new relationship.

If it's a new relationship with a different partner you need to
make sure you don't take the mistakes of your last one with you.

And if you and your current partner want to move forward
together by repairing and strengthening your relationship then
things of course need to be different.

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