Recently during an interview for The Inside Success Show,(, the host, Randy Gilbert, asked me,"What is it that stops people from knowing and living their purpose?"

What a great question, I thought, in part because I knew the answer.

Here are the 4 primary obstacles I've learned in over 10 years as a lifepurpose coach that keeps people from clarifying or living their lifepurpose.


In my observation of the world, it appears there are still a lot of peoplewho aren't even asking the question, "what is my life purpose?" Obviously,it's hard to become clear about your life purpose, much less live true toit, unless you're asking this question.

Yet, in our culture, many people seem too busy to stop long enough toreflect upon such a question -- a classic case of placing the cart beforethe horse.


Since founding Life On Purpose Institute in 1996, I've asked thousands ofpeople one simple questions -- What is A life purpose? I've found it'srevealing to look at what a person's perspective is regarding life purposesince it plays an important part in how they address the primary question,"what is MY life purpose?"

In asking this question, I've found that 60-70 percent of the people whoresponded had a similar theme to their response which is:

“A life purpose is what I'm meant to DO while on earth.”

And for most of these people that equates to either their job, career,profession, or a primary role in life such as parenting, being a goodspouse, employee or community member. What people don't seem to notice whenlooking from this perspective is that a life purpose is meant to impact ALLof one’s life, not just a portion of it.

The good news is that there is another perspective of what a life purpose isthat will allow you to live true to your life purpose in all areas of yourlife, making it possible to live on purpose in each moment of your life.Consider your life purpose from this Life On Purpose Perspective:

** Your life purpose is the context, vessel, or container into which youpour your life. **

(For more about this perspective, visit


The truth is that this is the #1 obstacle to people knowing and living theirtrue purpose because it is what often keeps people too busy to ask thequestion, "why am I here on earth," as well as keeping themselves focusedonly on the 'doing' aspect of their life.

In other words, instead of their life being shaped by their divinelyinspired life purpose (which is based in love, abundance and flow), theirlife is shaped by their 'Inherited Purpose' which is based in fear, lackconsciousness, and a need to struggle to survive.

In fact, I've worked with many clients who already had a clear sense oftheir true purpose, but without having done the work of clarifying their unique Inherited Purpose, it acted as a 'master saboteur'. Each timethey tried to move beyond their comfort zone to live a more purposeful life,their Inherited Purpose would sabotage their efforts.


Unfortunately, even after these 3 obstacles are overcome, many people still get stopped because they don't have a simple and effective process for clarifying their life purpose. The "process" they end up using is the old 'trial and error' approach which can result in years of frustration and effort with little results to show for it. That's why I asked for Divine guidance about 10 years ago to find a way to shorten the learning curve.

(The result of that guidance is now known as the Life On Purpose Process, a proven, systematic, spiritually-based approach that has helped thousands of people to clarify and live true to their life purpose. Visit for more information.)


Hopefully, by this time you've started to appreciate the importance ofclarifying your life purpose. If so, you've already overcome the firstobstacle in that you're now asking the question, "What is my life purpose?"

And if you're willing to try on the Life On Purpose Perspective, you'll begreatly ahead of the game by acknowledging that your true life purpose ismore than just what you do, although what you do -- your career or primarylife roles -- can be great ways to express your true purpose once you'veclarified it.

Here's a simple yet highly effective coaching assignment that will help youcontinue your journey along the Purposeful Path. As you go about your week,periodically stop and ask yourself this question: "In this moment, is mylife being shaped by FEAR (lack, struggle), or LOVE (abundance, flow)." Ifit's being shaped by fear, then ask this question: "If in the next moment,I was to pivot and allow it to be shaped by love, what would be different?"

Then, take just 15 - 30 seconds to visualize a moment in your past when youwere very present to love, abundance and flow. (For me, one such moment iswhen I first held my newborn baby girl, Amber, in my arms.) Then, bringthat experience back with you and allow it to shape your next moments.

I also encourage you to visit the Life On Purpose Institute web site at where you will find a wealth of purposefulresources, many of them for no charge, that will assist you in clarifyingand living on purpose. I look forward to meeting you along the PurposefulPath.

W. Bradford Swift founded Life On Purpose Institute so people could have more fulfilling and satisfying lives through clarifying their life purpose, which you can now do 24/7 from anywhere in the world with the Life On Purpose Process ONLINE Program. Learn more at:

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** Brad Swift was interviewed on "The Inside Success Show" **

Recently I was the special guest on "The Inside Success Show" and Irevealed the inside success secrets to clarifying and then living yourlife's purpose. The show was hosted by Randy Gilbert, best-sellingauthor of "Success Bound."

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