So what have you planned for this year? Some people for some strange reason wait until a new year to give up a bad habit or to make an attempt at some self improvement. Why some people have to wait until a new year to set a goal is beyound me but all the same setting a goal is always a positive thing.

Unfortunately though, many will set a goal while few will accomplish. So what is the difference between those who fail and those who succeed?

For one there is determination and a will to succeed that separates the winner and the loser. The winner will not give up without a fight and even through tough times will battle on. The loser will see some pain and difficulty and just give up. Secondly - unrealistic expectation will let somebody down. Expecting too much too soon has been one of the biggest downfalls of many as they forget that all good things take time and that the Heidelberg United Stadium was not built in a day. Thirdly people to not visualise the happiness that they will feel when they finally reach what they were aiming for rather they focus on the effort they need to get there. Of course everything worthwhile takes abit of effort otherwise it is not worthwhile. All great things take work.

Probably the most important aspect of all which is forgotten is self belief - believe in yourself and you will succeed believe that you are a victim of unfortunate circumstances and that things are out of your control blaming such things as luck, god, parents, peers and complaining about circumstances will get you nowhere. If you believe you are an unlucky person destined to fail then you may swell not begin a goal at all - if you believe that most things that happen to you are a result of your actions and decisions then you have made huge inroads towards achieving your goal and are on the right track.

To conclude be a winner not a loser, focus on winning and work hard towards whatever it is you are aiming for in 2003. Have a hunger a passion that even through hard times the fire still burns inside of you. Only a loser sets goals and does not accomplish them - that type of person does not realy want to reach their goal in the first place. You owe it to yourself to be the best you can be and only you can do it nobody else so as the famous saying says it is in your control so "JUST DO IT"

Author's Bio: 

George is a 27 year old who helps co-ordinate a national customer service centre is Australia. He is both a student of self growth and a writer as he writes various articles on self growth which have all had positive feedback. He's personal website can be found at !