Nowadays, people are very conscious about their physical appearance. The rise in the popularity of salons, spas and cosmetic clinics is one proof that people are getting obsessed with maintaining their beauty and keeping their skin smooth and flawless. Small problems like slight blemishes on the skin or a little excess flab on the butt are enough to drive many crazy.

One minor cosmetic problem that seems to irritate both men and women is spider veins. These are the red or blue fine thread-like blood vessels that can be seen on the legs, arms, chin, face, and even the nose. Although these unsightly veins do not cause excruciating pain or any serious problems, majority of those who have them will do almost anything just to make these very fine blood vessels disappear from the skin surface. Read on to learn the general characteristics of spider veins.

Different Shapes Of Spider Veins

Knowing the different shapes of spider veins can help you in deciding the extent of treatment that you must use. The shapes of your spider veins can influence the way that skin care treatment will be applied on your skin.

First, you have the linear shape. Most linear spider veins can be seen on the inner knees and legs. As the name implies, linear spider veins are a collection of small straight spider veins in a particular area. They look similar to small red stretch marks except that they are much finer and smaller.

Second, you may develop branch-like spider veins. If you see spider veins that look very much like tree branches or a deer's antlers, you have branch-like spider veins and therefore you may need a wider application of skin care treatment. This shape of spider veins can usually be seen on the upper thighs.

Lastly, your spider veins may exist true to their name, meaning in spider-like shapes. If you look at your feet and you see a web-like collection of purplish, bluish or reddish protruding blood vessels, then you are looking at spider-like shapes of spider veins. In fact, the reason why spider veins are called as such is this particular shape.

Spider Veins Symptoms

The most obvious sign that you shave spider veins is the appearance of bluish or reddish fine lines on some parts of your body. You will know that they are spider veins because they are permanent. Furthermore, you may also experience tingling, burning or itching on the area where the cluster of spider veins is located.

Getting Rid Of Spider Veins

If you have a lot of money, you will not have a hard time finding a spider vein treatment in your nearest spa or cosmetic surgery clinic. Microsclerotherapy that entails the injection of drugs on the affected veins or laser treatment that makes use of light beams to destroy the swollen thread-like blood vessels are the most popular clinical methods of making the spider veins on your skin disappear or lighten up.

You can also use compression stockings. These are specially designed socks that help prevent and minimize the appearance of spider veins. However, if you have spider veins on your face or arms, a compression stocking may not be that helpful.

A balanced diet and regular exercises can also help a lot in both preventing and minimizing the appearance of these unsightly blood vessels on your feet, legs and even arms. Since excess weight can cause spider veins, eating healthy and increased level of activity will enable you to attain the right weight so that your legs and feet will not have to suffer unnecessary pressure from excess pounds.

Another effective way of getting rid of your spider veins is by using creams and lotions that are specifically designed to lessen the appearance of unsightly veins on your skin. You will not have a hard time looking for such products because many are available in beauty stores and on the Internet. If you intend to use creams and lotions, just make sure that the products you use are made with natural and proven ingredients.

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