Most of us carry garbage from out past into our present. This garbage is oftentimes toxic, weighs us down, causes us to be off-balance and unhappy, and it keeps us from creating the life that we want. This garbage is heavy to our hearts, souls and minds as any physical burden is to our bodies. For some, however, the presence of this bag of garbage is unnoticeable and perhaps unremarkable. After all, our garbage has contributed to creating the sum of each one of us. The garbage, even though destructive, has shaped our personalities, how we view ourselves and how we view others and the world.

We begin at an early age collecting this garbage. Over the course of a lifetime our bags get heavier and heavier. The heaviness keeps us from finding authentic happiness that would otherwise fuel and sustain balanced lives. Before you can throw or leave your garbage behind, you must understand how to identify the garbage in the first place. The items typically found in the pile are self-doubt, insecurity, as well as feelings of defectiveness and humiliation.

Time to take your garbage out!

It’s time to do some work right now other than reading. You don’t need to wait to finish reading today's entry before you can begin creating the life that you want. I challenge you to begin right now. I challenge you to be real with yourself over the next few minutes. If you don’t have the time right now, that’s OK. Bookmark this page and come back when you do have time. In addition to some uninterrupted time, you will also need one piece of paper and something to write with. If you are ready, let’s begin the process of throwing out some of the garbage that is in your life.

Make a list of at list 65 items of garbage in your life right now. Take a lined sheet and paper, number it 1 through 65 and begin listing the items of garbage.

Here are some from my list:
Not letting go of my anger and resentment for my parents
Not feeling worthy
Thinking I have to get to work before any one else does
Afraid people will not want to be my friend
Not reaching out to my daughter, Catilin more
Always accepting second best for myself
Shyness and insecurity
Always thinking the worse will happen
Thinking that I have to be nice to people for them to like me

Now look at your list. It really doesn’t matter if you listed 65 separate items, or listed some items several times, or listed the same item all 65 times. With this information in mind, go back to your list. Do you want to make any adjustments? This is your list. You need to acknowledge your own garbage.

With your list now complete, take some time to study it and to feel it. Feel what these items have cost you or are costing you. Perhaps this garbage is costing you the ability to have meaningful and lasting friendships; or the garbage is costing you the ability to stand up and rightfully ask for what you want in your life right now. The garbage may cause you to give up on a dream, or not even attempt to pursue a dream. Do you feel the weight and strain this garbage has on your life? Do you feel how you have allowed this garbage to control and manipulate you for so long? How would it feel to be rid of this garbage? Can you begin to take a look at how you would live without this garbage? This garbage isn’t you; it’s the “Lie” suggesting that the garbage is you. The “Truth” tells us that we are enough. You don’t need to have this garbage to be a part of you any longer. It’s time to throw it out.

Are you ready to begin looking at what a life more centered on truth and happiness than lies? If so, time to do a little more work. You will need another sheet of paper and a pen or pencil. This time, make a 65 item blessing list. Consider the events or people who bless your life. Again, you may list 65 (or whatever number you choose) different blessings, or repeat several different blessings, or write the same blessing over and over, as many times as your wish.

Here are some blessings from my list:
Mary Beth, my wife
Brandon, my son
Caitlin, my daughter
Andrew, my son
Emily, my daughter

The point is to become more centered on what gives you peace, joy, love, and dignity in your life. It will be these items that will become the positive influences and factors as you begin creating a new life. I encourage you to complete this list and keep it available to you each day. The “Truth” lives on this list and with all of the many blessings it proclaims. Soak these in and feel these. If you feel as though you lost a piece of yourself by throwing out the old garbage, these blessings can easily make up your new identity and newly-found happiness.

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