A big percentage of the world lives their lives working to live. If they were to stop working they would not have a means of living. They can't retire, and don't have a saving if an emergency were to arise requiring extra money. That's not the way we want to live, is it?

If you want to escape the lot you've been given and start building wealth, the first thing you need to do is start thinking for yourself. In other words, don't accept the lot you've been given. Just because your parents got married early and worked hard for 40 years doesn't mean you have to.

Instead, use your mind and start looking for new and innovative ways that you can earn money. Start working for yourself, instead of making money for a 'boss.' Your parents wanted undoubtedly wanted better things for you, so go ahead and get started.

You also need to be financially independent before you start thinking about marriage. What this means is that you need to not be saddled with a bunch of high-APR credit card debt before you jump into matrimony.

You don't want your new spouse to be stuck with your debt in addition to their own, so you need to be free and clear before you even consider it. If you consider that most marriages that end in divorce do so because of financial problems, you can see what a detriment credit card debt can be in a marriage.

Then, start saving now. Don't wait until tomorrow, because you'll be surprise to find out tomorrow never comes. Make easy on yourself, go to your bank or credit union, and ask them to withdraw 10% if what you make a month, every month and put it into a saving account.

That way your savings is out of your control. If its available to you invest into a 401k. Most large companies will even match the amount in your 401k, in essence giving you free money. Remember the earlier you start the more money you will have in the long run.

The best thing to remember is that if you want to build wealth, you're going to have to start thinking outside of the box. Get involved in money-making endeavors that you find appealing and ones for which you have passion.

People that are doing what they love and making money doing it are the happiest folks on the planet. By harnessing your passion and working your mind instead of your back, you can begin to build wealth and live your dream.

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