When was the last time someone sat you down and told you how amazing, special and unique you are?

Today? A few days ago? A while back? Never?

For most of us it’s been some time… But does that mean we are anything short of magnificent?

We easily recall the times when someone tells us we did wrong, when we were made to feel bad for trying and getting it wrong; when we’ve been reprimanded or punished for a mistake that happened in a momentary lapse in concentration or due to a lack of understanding. Yet life can be simple and a lot less complicated, especially when we have true gratitude and appreciation for the unique being that is us.

Just take a moment and mull this over:

From the moment we were born we had the innate intelligence to breath and within seconds we learned how to cry, screw up our face and wiggle our fingers and toes. Within hours we’d learned to recognise our mother by smell. And in the days that followed learned who and what we liked, and what we didn’t. And pretty soon the miracle that is you and me, learned to walk talk, eat and throw up.

We are brilliant, aren’t we? In fact we are more brilliant. Let me show you…

Before you left school, did any of your teachers sit you down, and ask: 'How will you use your unique gifts in the world? Did they even explore the term 'unique gift' with you? My guess would be that during your entire school life, you’d have been extremely lucky if anyone ever spoke to you about your uniqueness.

But just because someone didn’t explore the issue of your uniqueness with you, it doesn’t mean you are not unique. It just means you may have forgotten the great and wonderful thing you are and maybe not yet explored the real beauty and wonder that is you…

And these same people - our teachers and our leaders and our media, even our parents (or especially our parents depending on upbringing) - they have forgotten to impart a few other vital bits of information.

Like what?

Well, advice on love and romance for one thing. I think you’ll agree sharing love with another is a vital part of life. We all want it, don’t we? It’s the thing that make our hearts sing; it’s what makes the world go round and it’s what we yearn for when we don’t have it.

So what gem could our teacher and parents told us about love that would have been vital to us… if they had known it themselves…

You’re probably familiar with the term, Soul-mate. Its seems a lovely concept, but a bit of a day-dream on the surface. But is it? I often hear people saying, “I want to find my soul mate”. But did anyone point out to you that it would be impossible for your true soul-mate to discover your soul, before you discovered it?

It stands to reason that if you don’t know about your own uniqueness and power and understand about your purpose for being here, then neither will any mate. In fact what you’ll most probably discover is a person who shows you all your flaws and who shows you how far you are from your soul!

Am I blaming our teacher and our parents?

Not really. I don’t think they knew any better. But if we are to live a life of true happiness then it is important that we tap into our wisdom and explore our uniqueness and our soul-mate relationships and explore how we can be all we can be, otherwise we and the next generation, our kids, will continue to flounder in the dark for generation after generation.

You’ve been tagged now! You now have the responsibility to do something different!

But it doesn’t have to be a burden.

What can be done?

Find teachers who identify with your true wonder and can guide you. Explore your full potential. Play with the possibility that you can have everything you want.

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