New Online Psychological/Spiritual Self-Help Process

Launched: December 2001

The Universal Generator is a new and unique self-help process that goes to the core dynamics of consciousness and spiritual health. It is simple, belief-free and holistic.

The Universal Generator reveals the unconscious survival mechanisms that have been created by a person’s inherent intelligence to cope with a traumatic, narrow or barren life.

It suggests simple and profound ways for a person to return to conscious control and creation of their life.

An enquirer's personal 'Activation Response' is available online instantly.


We all hunger for a life that is real and honest, with meaningful relationships and aesthetic richness: a life that is free of self-limitation, suffering and confusion and is full of inspiration and clarity.

There are many ways offered to us to divine or "read" the meaning of our lives and what we're here for, and many forms of self-help and self-improvement.

Unfortunately, much of this seems only to lead to more confusion and suffering, with no actual change in the way we create the experience our lives.

We often just replace one way of diverting our attention from the true source of our pain or confusion, with some other way of doing so.

Our subconscious survival self is usually in conflict with, and has different intentions from, what we think we want in life.

It is most likely, that the self-limiting beliefs we have created about ourselves and about the world, are imposing limits and experiences on our lives, we do not have to have.

While we continue in this way, and to help us remain in avoidance of what is real, we unconsciously choose some particular form of "truth" about ourselves and about life that serves us in two ways:

Firstly, believing this "truth" allows us to appear to ourselves and to others, to be living, or searching for, truth and understanding.

While, secondly, at exactly the same time, the particular content of the "truth" we have taken on, soothes and aids our subconscious intention not to change.

These “truths” often just confirm the underlying beliefs that we have created to run our lives on.

In this way, we can feel good about ourselves, while not being actually challenged to change how we are.


No matter what our situation in life is, or how limited our choices may seem to be, we all actually have one huge choice.

It is possibly the only real choice in life:

To ignore what is real, maybe to pretend that life is all right, that we're already committed to "truth",

Or to be completely honest – to discover and live what is actual and real.

It is entirely up to us.

The Universal Generator can assist in this process.

What The Universal Generator is:

The Universal Generator is a new, unique and radical way of cutting through all the confusion, hype, and "feel-goods" that many self-help, and "what is the meaning of life?" approaches create around finding personal fulfilment.

The Universal Generator is a rich fusion of such things as Zen, the I Ching, core understandings of many spiritual traditions, modern research into consciousness, DNA and social dynamics, quantum theory, meme theory and chaos dynamics.

Using a short series of questions, it goes directly to the particular unconscious survival dynamic that is running a person's life.

It accesses a four-dimensional consciousness "landscape" that models the entire range of states of consciousness, from "asleep" to "awake".

What is important with this is not the detailed content of a person's life, but the overall dynamics in which their consciousness is acting, to create the content and experience of their lives.

With The Universal Generator, there are no beliefs to have to agree with, no regular practices or exercises to do and no life-style changes to make that a person doesn't choose to make.

The only "position" The Universal Generator takes, is that being fully conscious is crucial to personal growth, self fulfilment and beyond.

Years of study, and deep personal experimentation with existing consciousness traditions and modern consciousness research, have gone into the development of The Universal Generator.

This has all been done with the intention of complete honesty with self, at the deepest levels of being, so that all action can come from what is actual, in the continuing moment.

What The Universal Generator will offer you:

If you Activate The Universal Generator, you will be shown the particular dynamic that your subconscious survival self is using to deal with a life that was, and maybe still is, traumatic, barren, controlled and lacking in aesthetic richness, inspiration and beauty.

The Universal Generator will then present you with a number of simple but profound suggestions, as to how you can consciously change the way your survival self works.

This will begin the process of moving your unconscious reactivity, or long-term shutdown, into conscious choosing.

If you make the suggested decisions, and changes in the way you approach your life, you will begin to become more real, inspired and energised, and will begin to feel clarity and liberation.

This will open the way for you to regain the inherent potential of your life.

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