Do you ever hear or read about someone being stabbed, beaten or strangled to death? If you do, do you realize you could encounter that situation even if you mind your own business? Do you already have interest in learning physical self defense but do not have the time or money to attend a martial arts class or read a book pertaining to it? You will learn basic techniques you can use to fend off an attacker.

Controlling Your Fear: When someone is coming forward to hurt you, stay calm. One reason why you must stay calm is you will probably not defend yourself properly if you do not think clearly. The other reason is the attacker might back off if you assume a fighting stance and put up your dukes because he or she will become scared to an extent through respect and fear. Let the extra strength you gain through your adrenaline work to your advantage.

What to do if Someone Attacks You from a Big Distance: You should throw a kick to inflict more damage and keep your attacker at bay; however, you should avoid throwing a straight kick at your attacker’s face because you will probably land the kick a few inches away from his face. A better method is to use a roundhouse kick by turning to the side and throwing a circular kick so that your foot will catch your attacker’s jaw.

Fighting at a Close Range: If someone raises her hand to hit you, cross your arms in front of your face and chest. If you are defending yourself within punching distance, keep your arms crossed in front of you to block while your attacker throws punches. Once your attacker takes a break from throwing punches, throw a quick hard jab at his throat, knee him in the groin or step back and throw a kick at his groin.

Escaping a Chokehold: If someone is choking you while standing in front of you, shove a hand up his nose, clap his ears, knee him or spin your way out of his grasp and subsequently throw a kick. If your attacker is squeezing his hands around your neck from behind you, throw a kick or spin around. If he is trying to choke you with his arms around your neck, try to elbow him in the stomach and face or try to punch him in the groin. If this does not work, grab his wrists and try to flip him over you. If you cannot elbow him or flip him over you, pull yourself and your attacker forward until your face reaches the ground and attempt to make a full flip. If you are on the ground while your attacker is choking you, raise your legs around his neck to pull him off. If your attacker is choking you with a cord or rope, spin around until you are free.

Preventing Your Attacker from Blinding You: If someone puts his hands on your face, close your eyes and spin out of his grasp.

Preventing a Stabbing or Slashing: If a knife wielder is several feet away and preparing to throw the knife, start waving your arms so you can knock the knife away if it comes your way. If your attacker is close to you and raises her arm to stab you, move to the side and throw a roundhouse kick. If she pulls her arm back to slash you, move back and throw a kick. If she has you cornered, block her thrusts and throw low kicks.

How to Avoid Being Hit with a Bat: If someone pulls his bat back to swing at your head sideways, duck and throw a kick. If he is about to come straight down with the bat, move to the side and throw a roundhouse kick. If you are on the ground and he raises the bat, roll out of the way.

What to do When You are on the Ground: If your attacker knocks you down and continues to beat you, curl up into a ball by raising your knees to your chest and holding one ear as your arm is extended across your face from the other ear. While you are rolled up, you can throw kicks or try to get your legs around his neck to pull him to the ground.

Stay alert and follow your instincts. Always pay attention to your surroundings. If someone follows you or is running up to you from behind while acting suspiciously, walk backward with your arms crossed.

You have learned steps you can take to defend yourself. Practice them and constantly visualize what to do if you are attacked.

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