Technological Innovations are cornerstone of today’s lifestyle. The people have also turned to tech freaks and look up to advancements in technological life around them.

They are always keen to know about the new technologies that will add to the digitalization of the world. This feature will give a brief introduction to the technologies that you might see in this year.

The world today faced the broadband bust. People have matured and left their old styled modems to access Internet. They have switched over to faster broadband connections. The broadband connectivity totally revolutionized the internet world and ushered the innovations in streaming videos, MP3 downloads, Internet Phone calls and above all online gaming. The ADSL or the DSL connections, all witnessed the limelight but with the new breakthroughs in Internet world and a need of faster connection saw the emergence. The latest advancements reflect that FTTP will pave a way for WiMAx that promises the faster network speeds. It promises to offer lightning speeds.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), is a technology advancement that has faded the line existing between voice calls and digital networks. This technology works on internet protocol and is cheaper of compared to long distance calls via landline. This tele calling provides you with real experience of digital telephony and makes it even cheaper.

The storage market is rising exponentially. People love the concept of flexibility and mobility. They are really fascinated by the power that the mini memories avail them in pocket fit sizes. The flash memory market is scaling up. The key players in this market are raising their profits and market share. It is also speculated that SSDs will take over the market of HDDs. The SSDs have till now reached to MP3 but they have now extended to laptops. The advancements in this field like “racetrack memory” will further boost the adoption. They will lead the market and will create a nice market for them.

The processor market is evolving fast. As per the Moore’s Law for processor performance, the processor speed should exactly double every two years. The companies following this law for their processor technologies are well accepted in this time and others are facing reluctance for adoption. The improvement in the processor technology is the integration of number of smaller chips or transistors on single silicon wafer. This is the magic behind the super computation power of today’s chips. The latest in the processor technology is the advent of Intel’s 45nm processor but the time is not far when we will witness the rise of “Optical Chips” and “Quantum Processors”.

The other technologies that you can count for evolution in next few years are Unicode, Digital Signal Processing and many others. What technological revolution will be brought by these transformations will be revealed later but till the time we can count on our imaginations only.

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