Abundance comes in many forms. We can be abundant in health, time, beauty and many other things, as well as having financial abundance. However, when you're asking for or trying to manifest abundance (whatever area of your life you're focusing on) there are a few little tips and tricks that can help you achieve abundance more easily.

1 – You need to think about and decide exactly what it is you want. It's no good asking the Universe for 'a lot of money' or 'a bit more time'. We need to be specific about what we're trying to achieve. And we should be careful, too, that we don't ask for something that is way beyond what we have now, otherwise having it may just be too much of a big step for us, and we may fail to manifest it because we don't believe we can. When you're deciding, be sensible about what you think you can achieve and then go just a little beyond that. (If you settle for what you think you can get, you may be selling yourself short.) Doing it this way, you will build your confidence as you see the smaller successes come and these will pave the way for even bigger ones in the future.

2 – You need to think about how you will know when you've achieved your goal. Your success needs to be measurable for you to know when it's happened. Think about how you will measure your success. What will be happening in your life when your abundance has manifested? How will you feel? What will you be doing? Writing a short 'success statement' down in just a few paragraphs will help you to be much more focused about what you want to achieve too.

3 – It helps too, if you write what you want down in the form of an affirmation. An affirmation is simply a short, snappy sentence, which you repeat to yourself as often as you think of it. Always make your affirmation positive, present tense and personal. Write it as if what you want is already coming to you and ask for what you do want, not what you don’t want. For instance, don't say 'I don't want to be late', say 'I am getting earlier all the time'. If you have a special way of saying things or using words then use that. The more personal you can make it, the better. And no one needs to know it but you, so you don't need to be embarrassed.

4 - Make a bright, colourful note of your affirmation on a small piece of card to keep in your purse or wallet, or somewhere you will see it often. Repeat it over and over to yourself in your mind, or out loud if you can, until it becomes a part of you. Use it as many times as possible throughout your day and then repeat it to yourself before you go to sleep at night. While you're using your affirmation keep looking out for evidence that it is working too. Every time you get a sign, or when something happens that is in alignment with your affirmation, acknowledge it to yourself. This will help you to know and understand that your dream is coming closer and that, in turn, will enable you to remain much more positive while you wait for the outcome.

5 - Be open to whatever comes. Don't limit yourself by thinking that there's only one way to achieve your abundance. The Universe may present you with a new idea or an opportunity that you hadn't even thought of. If something does come up, always ask your heart and follow your intuition. If it feels right to you, and if you can, then do it.

6 – Have a think about what having the thing you want will give you. Our 'wants' always have some emotional attachment behind them. Perhaps you feel that having more money would give you more freedom, or that having more energy would enable you to do more. What will having what you want will give you more of? Once you know, see if there's another way that you can find to achieve that same emotion or feeling right now. Remember, like attracts like, so if you can give yourself what you want in some other way, you are attracting more of the same to you, which will help you manifest your desires even more quickly.

7 - Give freely of whatever it is that you want to receive. If it's time you want, give your time to others. If it's money you're after, always put a small amount in the collecting tins you see. This way you're telling the Universe that you're already abundant in the things you want.

8 – Along the same lines, make a list of all the abundance you already have in your life and begin to express gratitude for it. Of course, what you have in your life might not be exactly what you want right now, but if you can express gratitude for even the small things, the Universe will send you more things to be grateful for. And being grateful will also help to reinforce your positive attitude, which will help you feel good, even while you're waiting for your desires to manifest.

9 - Think about what could be preventing you from achieving your goals. If negative thoughts are getting in your way, take some paper and write at the top 'The reason I can't have what I want is...' then fill the page with all the things that come to mind. That way, when you read it back, you'll know why you're not allowing yourself to have what you say you want. Then take another sheet and write 'The reason I can have what I want is…' This will reinforce once more your positivity and if you find that negative thoughts are still getting in the way, you can create some new affirmations to counteract them.

10 – And when your abundance does come, give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back and celebrate!

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