People suffer from insomnia for many different reasons ranging from emotional stress to dietary habits. One thing is for sure, sleep is one of the single most important factors in health. Well being depends on adequate rest so the body and mind have all the opportunity to regenerate and carry out the endless functions that make up your health and well being.

Here are some tips:

1. Eat a lighter dinner.

Eating lighter means better digestion before you go to bed.

2. Eat earlier in the evening

Eating earlier means you have the proper amount of time to digest.

3. Alcohol affects your sleep.

Contrary to popular myth, alcohol often hinders and disturbs your sleep.

4. Are you sensitive to caffeine?

Drinking coffee anytime after 12 noon can affect many people's sleep.

5. Practice deep breathing.

If you find yourself restless at night, practice breathing from your diaphragm, counting to 10 breaths, then repeating. This will ease the mind and help you relax.

6. How is your diet?

Certain foods affect your sleep. Spicy foods in particular upset the stomach which in turn prevents the rest your body needs.

7. Stress relief is vital for good sleep.

Stress management is vital to a good nights sleep.

8. Shades & Ear Plugs.

Sometimes the obvious answer is the best answer. Become aware of the sights and sounds around your bedroom. Is the sun coming in too strong? Are you alongside a busy street? If so, blinds and earplugs can make all the difference.

9. A good bed

A good bed is underrated. Like a good shoe, a bed must be taken into consideration.

10. Try reading a book.

Oftentimes we just need a push over the edge into dreamland. A good book, soothing music or a warm glass of herbal tea may help you achieve that good sleep you need.

These are all great strategies anyone can use at any stage in their life. People who suffer chronically from insomnia may need more attention. Often times there are deep seated imbalances in the body that cause one to wake up or remain awake for long periods of time.

We are all capable of a deep relaxing sleep. We were made for it. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can restore these deep imbalances, getting you to sleep the way you deserve.