Tibetan Medicine Electronic Encyclopaedia
The Tibetan Medicine Electronic Encyclopaedia consists of several separate practical Handbooks which interlink the Traditional Tibetan Medicine with the modern science... Each Handbook represents specific area of the Traditional Tibetan Medicine and can be used as it's own.


E-encyclopaedia of Tibetan traditional Drugs (medicines) represents more than 1000 compositions.
Full database of the basic nature components, includes:
Minerals -198 names,
Animals - 178 species,
Plants - 450 species.

The Handbook of the Traditional Tibetan Drugs Consists of:
* Traditional composition name in Tibetan language.
* Transliteration in Wylie.
* Approximate description of a composition name in English.
* Ingredients of a composition.

A component part usage:
* Quantity of each component in a composition.
* Methods of the drug preparation.
* Drug usage and indications for disorders, diseases and all current illnesses.
* Listings of compositions,components ( plants,minerals, animals)
* Search system for all.

All components are having description:


Traditional figure of an image (image) and parts of use. The traditional description according to the RGUD-BSHI includes attributive and test characteristics. Usage of a component in decoctions, powders, pills and oils. The information on the component usage in treatment of specific disorders and illnesses.

The modern picture of a component or it’s photo. Botanical, zoological or mineralogical description and following characteristics:
Family, Synonyms, General(common) (usual) Name (name) Used Parts, Chemical Structure, Action, Medical Uses, Other uses. For some components there are presented scientific Biomedical Reviews for the least 5 years. Some kind of components get no true science information, and their modern characteristics are unknown.

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