Whether you know the term or not, you’ve probably seen “inflatables” many times before. These are the gigantic balloons that are shaped like company logos, mascots, characters or symbols. They hold some real power when it comes to promotion and almost always increase sales when used.

Inflatables are one of the most unique marketing items around for several reasons such as:

· Drawing traffic to your location
· Improving branding awareness
· Increasing sales
· Creating an emotional connection with consumers
· Easy relocation
· Affordability
· Increasing media attention

Why? How can one advertising product have such flexibility? It’s all in the design.

Inflatables are large (anywhere from 10 feet to 40 feet tall) so they are seen for miles around. They are unique so they spark the curiosity of others. And, they’re colorful and fun so people flock to them in droves.

Just think about it. The last time you drove by a store that placed a 20-foot tall inflatable replica of an ice cream cone in its parking lot, it made you look, didn’t it? Chances are you stopped, not only because you remembered you love ice cream, but also because you wanted to see what special event was happening.

What are some other benefits of inflatables? Promoting a strong visual connection is one. Most people in the world are highly visual when it comes to memory. Making such a powerful impact on their sense of sight will reward you with longer remembrance. But the primary benefit – and the one most business owners care about – is the increased sales. Some businesses report immediate sales jumps as high as 20% with use of an inflatable replica.

Are there other uses besides store fronts? You bet! Inflatable replicas work wonders for:

Activist Causes
Entertainment Marketing
Live Broadcasts
Membership Drives
Museum Exhibits
Point Of Purchase Marketing
PR & Publicity Opportunities
Press Conferences
Product Roll Outs / Launches / Re-Launches
Sampling & Couponing Campaigns
Special Events
Sporting Events
Television Commercials
Trade Shows

Your investment? It depends greatly on what type of inflatable you purchase. According to Landmark Creations (http://www.landmarkcreations.com) helium balloons can range from $1,000 for a basic blimp to $8,000 for a 25' custom shape. Custom mascots can range from $4,000 to $12,000 for reproductions of 12' to 40'. Sounds like a lot of money. However, before you shrug it off as “un-doable”, consider this. If your product or service sells for $100 and you chose the $8,000 helium balloon, you can recoup your money in increased sales with just 80 transactions. Very “do-able” within a few months. From then on out, the additional sales your inflatable helps to bring in is sheer profit.

Overall, inflatable balloon replicas add a tremendous boost to most membership and sales activities and – at the VERY least – are worth consideration for addition to your marketing strategy.

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