Loving your body and giving thanks for the flab, the parts that don’t work very well and all the parts that work beautifully will change your life. Bring gratitude to the kidney stones, arthritis, and the back pain. It certainly cannot hurt and perhaps it will transform. This practice is not a replacement for seeing your doctor.

Gratitude can bring ease to your body. Flabby sagging breasts will not be perky again, but you will feel better about your body with gratitude for the sagging flesh. A deep inner contentment and satisfaction can replace the self-judgments, self-loathing and self-hatred so you can enjoy your body. It has done such a marvelous job of getting you to where you are now. Thank it!

The wisdom of the universe lies within your body, in the cells. This wisdom comes from an internal connection between the upper and lower parts of your body. The intuitive knowing that springs forth from your guts unites with the heart and head to create a joyous, loving productive life.

When the internal knowing from the lower part of your body is denied, made wrong or violently cut off, war is carted within the body that leads to dissatisfaction, disease, depression, heartache and unhappiness. Why not use the internal knowing and longing as a force leading you to your own evolution? That deep longing is the energy behind the untying of the knot that exists between the heart and solar plexus. The deep longing is to be complete and whole within your body, the ultimate connecting of the upper and lower parts of the body for profound inner connection.

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