As you give thanks to the horrors of your life, deep transformative change occurs. The ancient brain houses the fear, terror and rage patterns. When these are activated, they take over. The magnificent power of gratitude can transform these ancient patterns. The ancient brain has been around for about 500 million years. Can you imagine how pissed off and embittered you would be if you had been working all those years and had never been acknowledged or thanked? Every aspect of the body, every particle and cell has consciousness and awareness. These areas whose job it is to express terror, rage and fear to keep the body safe have not been thanked for eons of time. This higher frequency of gratitude bathes the ancient brain bringing in a more vibrant alive wave. With the gratitude comes a gradual shifting in the bodymind. The fear mechanism remains intact to continue its job to protect the body. However, the overlay of built up unnecessary fear response gradually melts with gratitude. This is true for all the emotional responses.

The responses of fear, anger, rage and sadness are all important and appropriate for proper functioning, and these response mechanisms can build up with an overlay of unnecessary layers. They can get triggered more easily and then create more build-up. The gratitude wave eventually clears away this excessive buildup. It is like cleaning off scum, mold and puss that keeps feeding on itself while getting bigger and bigger. Much of our fear is logged in this portion of the brain and as it is clearing out, deep terror can be experienced. Many times, these emotions need to be experienced as they leave the body. Repressing these ancient emotions only acts to keep them deeply buried. As these old patterns are met with gratitude and thanked, their frequency and wavelength change. The higher frequency of gratitude comes in and breaks up the frozen states of fear. As these frozen states of fear start to melt into the higher vibration, the old energy is experienced once again. This deep level of cellular transformation can be followed by waves of the most incredible sensuous, flowing bliss, peace and deep satisfaction.

The trauma and horrors of the past melt away in the frequency of gratitude and thanks. Generous amounts of life force energies need to flow to the brain for this type of transformation to occur. The old frozen stuck blocks have the opportunity to shift and eventually flow once again creating joy beyond your wildest imagination.

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