The number one problem golfer's have is bending the wrist at impact with the ball. Golfers suffer lead hand wrist collapse from trying to help the ball into the air. This weak hand action at impact contributes to slices or hooks.

If your wrist is straight when you connect with the ball the club face will be square with the ball at impact. If your wrist is bent at impact and not brought into alignment before the drive is taken, the club face won't be centered when it connects with the ball. Chances are your club will be either open faced causing you to drive to the right or closed faced and hitting to the left. You want to connect square to the ball and hit it straight, so you must be constantly aware of your wrist alignment.

It is a mental game to remember to keep your wrist straight and flat at impact. It takes time to train this mental awareness and often times get overlooked. There is an easier way, which will save you time, so you can get right into your game and start driving better, putting better and pitching better.

Wrist Rite resolves the problem of golfers bending their lead hand. This golf training aid prevents the lead hand wrist from bending and creates an instant mental connection since you're aware at all times that your wrist won't bend when your connecting with the ball. The Wrist Rite golf tool was designed to keep your lead hand straight whether your driving, putting, or doing the short game. This high tech, yet easy to use tool, slips quickly into your lead hand glove so you're ready to play right away and impress your friends with a lower handicap score. You will start playing a better golf game because your wrist won't bend or collapse at impact and you'll improve your distance and accuracy.

The Wrist Rite can be worn in the lead hand glove whether your left handed or right handed and can be turned around to fit larger or smalle wrists. Whether your an avid golfer, a leisure sports player, a woman or child who plays golf, the Wrist Rite can be worn by anyone.

Achieving a firm, flat, lead hand wrist when your club face impacts with the golf ball adds power, accuracy and straightens out your slices and hooks.

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Karen is the Internet administrator for . She has a diploma in fitness/nutrition and years of web designing experience. She came aboard the KIKO Golf project seeing that the Wrist Rite product is a great way for golfers to improve their game.