It’s true – you can do everything right to market your business, you can follow all the right programs, and take all the right steps toward success, and your business could still be stuck. It’s frustrating for sure.

Why does it happen? It could be that invisible barriers are standing in your way.

Invisible barriers are those obstacles in your business that are not tangible. They reside in your subconscious, and their job is to keep you in your comfort zone – no matter what you do to try and move ahead. Even though you have a vision of success, and you work hard toward that vision, these invisible barriers can be sabotaging your efforts on a very subtle level.

There are 5 invisible barriers:

1. Hiding your power. There are several ways we hide our power; through thoughts, words and actions.

You might be hiding your power through your words if you start sentences with phrases like “this might sound silly, but…” or “I’m not sure this is right…” You can hide your power through your actions if you downplay your looks, or if you procrastinate. Hiding your power through your thoughts happens when you consistently worry.

Is it possible that your sabotaging your success by hiding your power?

2. Fear. Fear’s real function is to keep you safe. But sometimes, it can paralyze you into inaction.

Have you ever experienced rejection, judgment, or embarrassment? Sure, we all have! It’s fear’s job to keep you safe from feeling those emotions. When you’re about to take a step in your business, you may think of 100 reasons not to take the step, and they all may be centered around fear.

Could fear be holding you back?

3. Handing over control. If you feel that others are responsible for what is happening to you, you are giving control of your life to them. Yes, sometimes outside forces cause certain events in our lives, but, we have a choice in how we handle them.

We can be powerful, take charge and choose to get things back on track. Wouldn’t it feel better to seize control of your life – rather than let someone or something else lead the way?

4. Your inner critic. Sometimes, that inner critic serves us well by pushing us to make something really great. But sometimes, that inner critic goes on over-drive and actually hinders our progress.

If your self-talk is negative and is putting you down, your inner critic is destructive. What is your inner critic telling you?

5. Comparison Sabotage. When we compare ourselves to other business owners, we may perceive that our creation isn't as good as their creation.

We are all individuals with a unique message. Comparing yourself to someone else is truly like comparing apples to oranges. Even if they are offering something similar, your product is still going to be wonderful - it is expressed in your unique voice, with your unique ideas.

Invisible barriers can be so subtle sometimes, you may not even be aware of how they are affecting you. Observe your thoughts and your actions over the next few days. Keep a journal of how you are reacting to certain situations. Also, when you think about what it is that you want, journal your answer. You may be surprised that some invisible barriers show up.

Once you are aware of which barriers are holding you back, you can begin the process of breaking them down, and stepping into success.

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