What determines your results?

The ultimate power in being able to exercise your will.

Now, some people will refer to will as 'will power' but the word "power" attached to the end of the word will only confuses us when it comes to really understanding what our will truly is.

Most of us think of power as strength, position of authority or control

The word power added to the end of our own will, speaks in terms of effort or an ability that is used, possessed or has been gained.

But this doesn't help us to understand anything!

We understand that somebody can have the ability to do a cartwheel, or a speaker having the ability to produce sounds, or the human eye possessing the ability to see. But to speak of the ability to will, leaves us completely confused to understand how naturally EFFORTLESS our will really is.

Will: To make a reasoned choice, decision and action

In other words, force and effort is not required when using will. As will is being able to choose, decide and act.

We have the will to do so, as we have the freedom of choice. However, this does not mean we can do whatever we want.

You cannot make someone do something against their own will

A person 'could' make someone take action by making them feel scared or excited enough. But that someone chooses and acts based on their own decisions.

A person that is scared chooses to succumb to fear by their own decisions. Someone that is excited enough decides to act according to their own reasons.

You cannot make someone do something against their own reasons and decisions, because they reason and decide according to what they choose is best for them.

The notion of somebody making someone do something against their will - is ridiculous. When you tell someone to jump they don't automatically do it every time unless they have a reason or have chosen to do so.

We all possess the ability to will and this must not be mistaken with "will power", which means to apply effort to make a simple decision.

It doesn't take any effort to use your will. It's just a case of deciding to move your muscles and directing your focus in the directions you want.

Everybody has will - and for the person that has the typical "will power" label, is just someone that has become used to making decisions, and then acting upon them; as a result, they have unleashed the natural power we all possess within us.

The so called 'strongest will powered person in the world' has no power of will over you, as we all have the same ability to choose, decide, think and move alike. THE POINT HERE IS THAT WE ARE ALL USING THE SAME ABILITY!

Will is just a case of: will you? Or wont you?

If you will do something; then you will use your will to take action.

Trying to use power or force against your own ability to decide and act is pointless, because you'll only be resisting against your natural ability of body and mind.

When you can't be bothered to do something, you are really implying that you can't be bothered to move your own body.

If you end up fighting against yourself to take action, relax and start again - to gain the habit of being able to use your will naturally and effortlessly.

Above all, the choices and decisions you make in the present regarding your unbeneficial thoughts and behaviors that you are aware of, are completely your choice if you continue to persist in them. In other words, if you become aware of your negative thoughts or behaviors and continue to do them, that's your own choice.

Are you going to choose a direction that serves you or not?

If you do not make empowering, beneficial decisions in how you want to live your life; then you have already made a decision haven't you?

You have made the decision to be directed and controlled by your environment instead of creating the future you deserve.

Make decisions that benefit your life's higher self esteem.

Determination is directed focus and action, and action is what impacts your daily life.

Act upon your beneficial feelings and decisions. And use effortless will in life to reach the given end of your desired goals.

In a nutshell

1. Will "power" is described as effort and this is WRONG!

2. To will - is to make choices, decide and act

3. Get used to using your will until it naturally becomes effortless

5. Will you - or wont you?

By Nicholas Finnegan

Author of Higher Self Esteem and More...


Author's Bio: 

Nicholas Finnegan sunk down to a really low point in his life and eventually reached a stage of considering suicide. Upon reaching this point, he realized that life itself is the most important thing in the world to him and now cherishes it more than anything!

He has overcome massive emotional struggles, and continues to develop his own life for the better.

And through inspiration - decided to set out and share the amazing discoveries he has learnt to benefit us all.

If Nicholas is not learning something new to improve his life changing skills. He is putting in the time and energy to experience something new for the positive benefits of sharing with others.

He is an author and a practitioner of a variety of thearepy's including NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching, Symbology and Story Telling.

Nicholas is repeatedly pushing the limits to learn more, to give more back, and is a dedicated life time learner in understanding how to create what is needed within us to succeed.