A scientific view of what could be the afterlife.

One of the disadvantages our human race has, is, that no one really knows what will happen to us after we die. This is the main factor why we live in this troublesome world where ignorance, wars and famine are widespread.

Other civilizations on distant planets may have the knowledge of what the afterlife has to offer. Therefore, they do not require any machines to survive their tranquil life span and so they do not need to seek communications with other planets as we do.

It is certain however, that our human body is built up of countless atoms, like any other matter.

According to scientific textbooks, there is more space in an atom than there is matter. In each atom, there are several subatomic particles, such as protons, neutrons, electrons and many others. All these are ‘semi-physical’ particles. Because of their subatomic size, no microscope is available that can magnify enough to view the structure of the atom.

We are born with a soul that functions on all these ‘semi-physical’ particles of our body, in other words, our thoughts, creativity and the entire mind, where our Ego is stored and shapes up as we grow older.

However, because our species is that of human nature, we possess a kind of privilege over that of the animal kingdom. After our body dies, our soul dies too, but our Ego continues to exist in a different way. This is something that has to do with our blood chemistry during our lifetime.

When our body is dead, certain elements of our ‘semi-physical’ particles do not disintegrate. They will remain clustered together and depart from our bodily atoms in a subatomic form. A ‘Spirit’ has now been born - the transformation from the Ego to the Spirit. The existence of our spirit can now travel to any destination and passes through any matter - just like any radio waves do – faster than the speed of light.

The fact that we humans cannot see a spirit, because it is not tangible, does not mean it has no ‘semi-physical’ properties. The air we breathe, for instance, is a remote example. Everything in the universe has a scientific explanation.

We can go further and try to imagine also, what a spirit can achieve if, for example, it was a lover of nature when it was human. Now, it can travel to any part of the world, select any kind of living species (for instance an eagle) and by integrating inside the bird’s soul (blueprint), this spirit can experience the sensation of flying, as now, it is part of the bird’s physical body too and can scan the majestic wilderness. Is this not a kind of a Heaven?

The spirit’s next destination will be anywhere in the Universe for eternity, because the subatomic particles the spirit is made of does not disintegrate.

Now, try to imagine how life could be on earth, if we have a scientific proof of our afterlife. Would we not be returning to the Garden of Eden?

But first, we need to conquer the secrets of gravity, so that, we will be able to open the gateway to travel in outer space to visit our neighboring planets’ civilizations. We would then tap into their knowledge and bring home global peace to mother earth.

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Author of the book God and Gravity, Roger Rogers - Jesian, reveals his ideas that challenge the theories of Darwin, Newton and Einstein. http://www.GodandGravity.com