When you receive the Seal you will get much closer to God. A new study shows that lonely people report an increased belief in God and that underscores the importance of being alone with God.

In the study groups of people were shown three different movies. One had a loneliness theme, one had a fear theme and one was a comedy used as a control group.

After they watched the movie the three groups were asked to describe their pet, choosing from a list. The group that had seen the loneliness movie was more likely to describe their pet as if it had human characteristics.

The three groups also rated their belief in God and the devil, and miracles and angels. The people from the loneliness group showed more belief in God and angels and so forth.

Then the researchers did a test to trick some of the subjects into believing they would be lonely later in life. They gave them a survey and a response supposedly given by a computer about how much of a socially-connected future they had.

Those who were given results from their survey that they would be more lonely later in life were more likely to show they believed in God and other supernatural entities. The researchers had made them feel more lonely.

Also those who had previously claimed to believe in God showed an even stronger belief in God when the results of their survey suggested they would be lonely in the future.

So the researchers in this study found that making people feel more lonely also made them feel more religious. It shows that people tend to turn to God when they are not satisfied with their social life.

The health benefits of religion on mental health have been proven by some studies. One study shows college students who participate in religious activities have better mental and emotional health than others.

But experts warn that does not mean that partaking in religious activities will make a person any healthier. They do not know if the activities make a person healthier or if healthier people are more likely to partake in the activities.

When you are sealed you will become healthier in mind and emotion. God will improve your health and give you feelings of well-being. Indeed it is God you will depend upon for your feelings of well-being and self-esteem.

You will think highly of yourself because God has thought highly enough of you to write His own Name upon you. God will claim ownership of you and you will be His valuable Possession.

And you will not turn to God only when you are lonely. Instead you will make time to be alone with God. You will give God some of your time to reconnect with Him after busy days leave you feeling unconnected.

If you feel you do not have time there are some easy ways to make time to be with God. The first thing you will do is start watching less television. You will give God the time you previously watched TV. You will get better results giving the time to God.

When you are sealed you will not just seek God when you are feeling lonely. You will make time regularly to be alone with God and away from other people and the world when you receive the Seal.

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