El Sailo


The mellifluous songs serenade by certain crickets and cicadas are often being heard in the month of September in Mizoram which is the harbinger of the on coming favourable time of harvesting ,an ideal time for a lover to court their love, everything look beautiful and attractive. The paddies in the steep side of the hills become yellow. At the time of harvesting, the clamor of the reapers, winnowing the husks of the paddy are enjoyable, eyecatching and melodious; the whispering wind, the glittering sounds of the brook gushing out of the hill side as well,for which the reapers used to quench their thirsts. Birds singing on the branch of trees in the heat of the day are so much sedative; however , enjoyable and lovable. It is the time of peace and happiness. Howbeit. the joy and exuberant of the reapers are now being replaced by the undesirable event, the so called ‘Mautam’ which usually occur every 50 years.

Mizoram is now infested with the mischievous rats being fed by the fruits of bamboos in every part. Bamboos are now extinct, almost all the seeds of bamboos are eaten up by the rats.Now , the unnumbered rats, rapacious, hateful and terrible began to ravage all the cereal crops and paddies in the fields, and left only the stalks and leaves of the paddies ,likewise, the cereal crops. Sometimes, in the stillness of midnight thousands of rats come out without being seen , marching towards the paddy field, trying to consume all the products of the farmers and cultivators and also in day time. No one knows when will the rats appear .the cultivators and the farmers are so much embarrassed with such inexplicable events of the flowering of bamboos , the thickly population of rats along with unnumbered insects. They are now in a state of depression, with uncontrollable minds, fear and anxious. many attempts have been made to eradicate all the rats; but. they are of no use. The paddy fields no longer comfort the farmers and cultivators. Their hardships and toil are in vain. Even though the farmers try their best to get rid of the rats, it is of no use. Much more rats appear .After they finished eating, all of them are disappeared in the forest, untraceable , unbelievable and invincible.

The desolated paddy fields reflect the future condition of the farmers and cultivators. These undesireable events may lead Mizoram into worse condition that they have never forethought.We are in need of the pied piper!!!....

Pray for Mizoram…..

Rats Rats go away

To the place where you belong;

The farmers are in no mood

Come again no

Author's Bio: 

The writer LalngaihawmaSailo(El.Sailo) is now living in Mizoram.