The Basic Acupuncture Model

Several thousand years ago, Chinese philosophers became aware of “The Five Element Theory” which explains the natural flow of the universe. Everything in the universe has an interdependent relationship. The five elements are Fire, Earth, Metal Water and Wood.

At this early time, there was an epiphany about the cycles of creation and destruction in nature. These mirrored identical cycles within human beings. The cycle of the seasons were an expression of life and death. As in nature, the same patterns became obvious in the Mind, Body and Spirit. These observations of nature revealed intricate, yet simple patterns expressed through the five elements.

The Shen, or creative cycle shows how from fire came the “big bang” in which the earth was created. When we dig deep within the Earth, we discover precious metals. When these metals are melted, there is a flow of majestic waters. Water when poured on the earth, brings life, in the form of trees. When two pieces of wood are rubbing together the friction creates fire, which begins this cycle all again.

The Ko is the controlling or destructive cycle. A blazing fire will melt Metal (such as the forging of a sword), which destroys Wood. (like an ax chopping down a tree) Wood controls the Earth, such as a tree growing out of the ground. Earth surrounds and controls Water (in the form of a lake or river) and Water controls Fire, by extinguishing it.

The Luo (connecting cycle) relates to the principles of yin and yang. In the yin/yang symbol, one half is white, while the other is black. The small black dot within the white, and the small white dot within the black represent the interdependency of polar opposites.

Human beings, since the dawn of technology, have tried to “control” and harness the earth’s resources for energy. The result has been chaos and depletion.

The same chaos occurs within the human body if we are unable to recognize how we are flowing with the universe, rather than against it. Gratitude, appreciation and contentment are harmonizing to the human body. When we deny, disconnect or internalize this life experience, the result is mental, emotional, or physical symptoms. These symptoms are warning signals that we are not “in the flow” of the universe’s natural rhythm.

There are 12 natural pathways of energy or life force within the body called meridians. Each has a correspondence to an individual organ, carrying life force, to and from the organ. These meridians will show an imbalance long before the actual organ has a disease. The Chinese have always believed that pain is a result of blocked energy, within the meridians. These blockages can affect the Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual aspects of human existence.

Change is present within life, nature, and the function the human body. As in nature, resistance will open another route for manifestation and expression. Awareness, adaptability and the ability to embrace change are healing. The words and consciousness of "Infinite Love and Gratitude" heal the body and mind reestablishing all these natural flows. Feelings and symptoms are a guide to alert us to imbalances within our being. Present time consciousness, recognition, and acknowledgment allow us the capacity to heal.

The organ associations to the five elements are as follows:

FIRE: Heart, Small Intestine, Triple Warmer (body metabolism) and Pericardium (the heart protector)

EARTH: Stomach and Spleen

METAL: Lung and Large Intestine

WATER: Kidney and Bladder

WOOD: Liver and Gallbladder)

When we are in balance there are no symptoms. If we look at the extremes of emotions, we can recognize the phases of over-activity or repression of the energy flowing freely through the meridians. In basic acupuncture theory:

The Fire emotions are love, joy, and satisfaction. Imbalanced opposites are hate, hysteria, and feeling over-excitement.

Balanced Earth emotions are contentment, faith and empathy. The imbalances can be anxiety, disappointment, worry and doubt.

Metal balance is inspiration (lungs), enthusiasm, tolerance and mercy. The other extremes are grief, guilt, depression and sadness.

Balanced Water is confidence, creativity, courage and harmony. The opposite can be fear, insecurity and restlessness.

Balanced Wood is patience, transformation and the ability to make choices, decisions. Imbalances are anger, distress, frustration and resentment.

The bigger picture of how the physical body regenerates, and the unique way emotions and energetics relate, are found within these five moving energies.

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