The words are Donald Trump's from his reality show "The Apprentice." Think of Donald Trump and his larger-than-life personality and his HUGE projects.

To us the Billionaire Mindset is concentrating your resources (your time, money, and people) on those things that will make the most difference in getting the results you're after. Above all, to be strategic.

As a professional such as a financial advisor, an accountant, or a real estate agent, do you reach high enough? Or do you "Stay Home?"

Talented professionals can let their versatility work against them. Let me explain: You may see many areas where you can improve your client's lives.

-- Some may be high-gain; others are small-change where you're lost in a cluster of people doing the same thing.

-- Or you may be dealing with a problem that's not truly important enough to rivet the attention of your particular clients and prospects.

-- Or you may offer a service that could be a blockbuster . . . if only you developed it more fully and marketed it imaginatively. As it is, it becomes just another pebble in your "pond."

The big opportunities in your professional practice may go untapped as you hang onto your usual way of doing business. You may continue to focus on the smaller opportunities and handle them better and better while the big ones slip from your grasp.

Here's a real-life example – we’ll call him Stan. As an independent professional, he developed a powerful and efficient system in his field (really a harsh competitive field where professionals are seen as a commodity). He pulled his business out of the commodity swamp by offering uncommon personal service to a niche.

And, yes, he reaped awesome profit margins.

Looking ahead, Stan saw the next big opportunity for the future of his business in marketing. Not in finding yet more ways to tighten the slack in his system.

How about you?

Do you offer quality services to a clearly identified audience? Are you ready for the next level? Marketing may be your strategic opportunity.

If so, do you make the shift? Or do you hang on to implementing the details? Making the shift, as Stan did, led him to train someone else to carry out the day-to-day work so that he could concentrate on marketing.

Here’s another in-the-trenches example, thanks to a professional we’ll call Richard.

Richard provides a service at a modest fee for a group of clients. He makes an OK living by keeping on top of numerous details and learning new tricks. He hustles to keep current clients happy and to add a new client or two each year.

By thinking BIG he uncovered the potential to make a giant leap . . .to leverage his contacts, experience, and skills.

He envisioned adding new services and products to his business to reach big players in their fields who could pay well for the value he's able to add to their businesses. And this new venture demands all the gumption and savvy Richard possesses plus extra energy to make it happen.

He’s going for it. There's no guarantee it will pay off (He won’t know for sure until the big players in his target segment weigh in), but he’s doing his homework and taking the project forward one shrewd step at a time.

So Do You Stay Home Or Go Big?

Do you hang in there with your professionalpractice as is -- implementing the details in a way that only you can do? Or do you turn over this familiar work to someone you train and free yourself to start up the Bold New Program?

For professionals, this could be a profitable niche that you gain vital intelligence on and, then, create the value-added services that will position you as a full-fledged Expert in your Category of One.

Now, here are your final questions: Are you stuck in the “Equal Opportunity” mind set?

Do you see all opportunities as the same? Or can you separate the opportunity that’s extraordinary from the rest and run with it?

Where’s your opportunity?

Could you find it in full-speed-ahead marketing for the practice you’ve built? Could you discover it in catching the big chance that’s inherent in the practice you’ve created?

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Shirley Hanson is a practice development coach for financial advisors. For a sample marketing plan see She offers a free report, "7 Client-Attraction Secrets Of Highly Successful Financial Advisors" at