Even now, as we near the end of January, my in box is still screaming to define my ultimate goals, create my desired lifestyle and make 2009 the year that counts!

Of course, I know exactly how I should achieve all of this, I watched The Secret almost 2 years ago, I have subscribed to half a dozen mentor programs during 2008 and have listened to enough motivational podcasts to make my iPod go off and start its own internet business!

But what about the me that the emails and newsletters don't actually consider. What about the part of me that remains outside of the success mindset. They can tell me time and time again how easy it is to develop a positive outlook, and of course I might even agree with them, but what about those days when the human element invades the machine we are trying to become.

For me, I know that I can be totally enthused for 3, 4 or more days, but I also know that sooner or later I will hit a wall. A wall of self doubt, a wall of confusion or maybe a wall of adversity and I for one cannot believe that I am the only person to face this wall. So, even if we accept that a wall exists, how do we face it and overcome?

Perhaps the wall is just a facet of the entrepreneurial spirit, the delicate balance between motivation and doubt. Perhaps it is our sub-conscious mind building the wall to protect us from the unknown or perhaps it is the fact that no one else truly understands the entrepreneur like the entrepreneur themselves.

Now I am not trying to paint a negative picture here, I am merely trying to accept that perhaps each and every one of us will have days of self doubt, we will have days of adversity and of course, days or moments when we hit the wall.

If nothing else, please understand that this is perhaps a normal part of development, it is a normal part of being an entrepreneur, it offers a time for reflection or growth and apparently, if the wall is big enough, it could even be the final hurdle before we break through into Success!

So, what should we do about this wall?

Well, do not fear, remember that out of every single piece of adversity is borne opportunity. Embrace these moments as time to reflect and, if the wall seems a bit high to face on your own, just ask and guidance will come shining through, just like the entrepreneurial spirit that brought the wall to you in the first instance.

Author's Bio: 

Tony Grant has developed apassionforsuccess.com in an attempt to understand more fully the twists and turns along the road from decline to success. Tony is UK based and considers a positive mindset as the fundamental element of Success!