Bridal shower is one of the most essential customs before the wedding. It is widely practiced in the United States and Canada. However, it may be a bit surprising that this custom is not originated in these countries. There are different opinions on the origin of bridal shower. There are theories that it is originated in Brussels, Belgium in about 1860. However, the most common theory is that it can be traced back to a love story 16 th to 17 th century about a Dutch couple.

There was a young Dutch lady who loved a poor boy very much. She would like to marry this boy. However, her father did not agree and did not let her marry this poor boy. Instead he would like his daughter to marry a richer man. But the young lady preferred to lead a life of poverty and decided to marry the man of her choice all in the name of love.

The father was so outraged that she dared to go against his wishes that he refused to give the customary dowry to the young bride as was the tradition in those days. As a result the couple was not able to set up their home. In order to do that, the friends of the groom bought gifts to the couple. The gifts are all related to setting up the home. And the couple finally managed set up their new home with this gifts. This became a tradition which still exists today, although there are some changes through the time to match the fashion and trend of different periods.

In about 1890s, people in the United States start adopting the tradition of bridal shower and help the couple to set up their new home. At that time it was more popular among the upper classes in society. It was mainly family affairs. People who attended to the bridal shower were mainly relatives and most of them were women. As time goes by, bridal shower has been changed to an event for the bride and her friends.

A bridal shower is traditionally hosted by the maid of honor or a close friend of the bride. Since bridal shower is meant for gifts and as a consequence it will be quite rude if the shower is hosted by a family member. This will seem that the family is asking for gifts. Regarding the time to host the bridal shower, it is usually held about six weeks before the wedding.

Today, bridal showers are often a planned event before the wedding. If a couple hire a wedding planner to plan the wedding, the planner will also help to plan the bridal shower. The theme of the bridal shower may even be reflecting the theme of the actual wedding. Nowadays, the notion of setting up the home is less important. Instead it is now meant to give the bride a memorable day before the wedding. The scale of a bridal shower can be just the same as the wedding. Invitations, lavish menus and even party favors will be prepared. Some people may discard the idea of hosting the shower at home and have it held in resorts or hotels. It is in fact setting a new tradition of the bridal showers.

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