Yes, since the middle of May we have been in the middle of a great purging and cleansing. For a while, I thought I was having a personal spiritual experience, however I am now seeing that most of us are going through this great cleansing.

It is sooo purifying that it may be like we have completely new selves. From now up until June 21 and after of course all the old energies are releasing and we are pulling in new higher frequency and purified energies. It may feel like we have been re-booted. This is the year of finding our new purpose and possibly even our new location! This is the year of co-creation, cleansing and re-booting.

During this time of cleansing, all of our memories of past may be lost and we will be renewed like brand new babies with a second chance. Are we ready to let go of all that was? The more we allow for the energies to take over, the more we will release, let go and cleanse, and as the process continues we will be infused with newer vibrant and divine energies.

Our souls will be made over, and we may very well have amnesia of our past! What better way to let go of an old third dimensional reality than to forget about it all together! The only time that exists is the NOW. We cannot fully predict what will be, and what was, no longer matters. All things will be because of what is NOW. Our creations, our destinies, our energies our manifestations.

If our guidance tells us to let something go, do not resist, let it go, if it tells us to go visit a sacred site, by all means go. If it tells us to get up and move halfway across the continent or world, then do that! Our guidance knows best and in this time of NOW, we just feel and we do. The universe will order itself for our highest good, we must simply be in tune to it!

Let us let go of all that was, and all that "should" be and embrace what is, and realize like little babies that we are renewed and we have a clean slate to start anew however we choose!

Much Love Light and Abundance

Author's Bio: 

On Wings of Angels! Gifted as a conduit of healing energies from the higher realms, my life-long path of awakening has led to my purpose here. During recent years as the earth energies have shifted up to vibrate higher in the vibration of LOVE, many have awakened to the true purpose here on earth, which is to assist humanity with the ascension that is upon us. My gifts include the ability to feel the feelings of others as well as channel the Arch Angels.