To dare to take a risk is to truly live. We so often have an inspirational idea that empowers us to feel electric with enthusiasm, to then simply relinquish the same idea from a fear of humiliation or rejection. An idea that is shared with us, perhaps from a higher source, is sent to inspire and allow us to live passionately, the way we were granted to experience our life. But because our fear over rides the initial idea, it is forgotten and lost in the ethers.

Look at the many ways we allow our fear of ‘taking a risk’ to diminish the enjoyment we may otherwise encounter. We don’t risk laughing out loud for fear of appearing a fool. How many times have you been alone viewing something that is hilarious and spontaneously laughed hysterically just because you could? There is such a freedom in letting loose in big belly-rolling laughter and yet when there are others present, we may suppress or tone it down not to appear foolhardy.

To weep is to risk appearing sentimental, whether they are tears of joy or sadness. In fact to reveal any honest emotions is to risk our vulnerability. God forbid, we dare to expose our true selves to the world; imagine what could happen then! To reach out to another is to risk involvement. To love is to risk not being loved in return. To show our true feelings is to risk rejection. To move forward in the face of overwhelming odds is to risk failure. The one I feel is most relevant to this magazine and holds the most influence over us is; to place your dreams before a crowd is to risk ridicule and humiliation. It is so much less fearful to stand in the shadow of someone else and help support achievement of their hopes and dreams, rather than yours.

Our precious dreams and desires are what produce the excitement and inspiration in our lives. They keep us active, engaged and empowered. The enthusiasm and eagerness you feel when a new dream is born within you is majestic. You feel awake and alive. We are supposed to have our dreams fulfilled, otherwise what is the purpose of having them? Because we are ever growing, ever expanding beings, our dreams will never cease. Once one dream is achieved, the next will come forth because this is how our personal growth is inspired. We are driven to achieve our dreams for our personal enlightenment.

When we squash a dream, our attention is on what might happen that can potentially be damaging and hurtful to us. We may feel awkward, appear senseless or even be made a mockery of. We may be a victim of sarcasm, jealously, slander or maybe a scandal. What would happen if we were criticised, defamed or perhaps slandered? We would then feel the right react irrationally and be bitter, regretful, discouraged, resentful, unforgiving, disappointed and even vengeful. Wow, how the mind runs away with its fears! By giving our ego power, it has the ability to take full flight.

So what would happen if we focussed on achieving the amazing result the dream gave us in the first place; the positive expectation of seeing ourselves succeed? Visualise yourself as victorious, triumphant and being able to achieve anything you set your heart and mind to. The feeling of empowerment is exponential every time your dream is achieved. That is what keeps motivating you to roll with your dreams.

Dreams are made in the heart and it is the stepping up to the plate that allows the heart to expand, open and be the ruler of our decisions. It enables living life from the feelings in your heart, not the restricting thoughts in your head. If you choose to step back and not take the risk, you may live a life of mediocrity and unfulfilment, which in years to come may produce much regret and remorse. How many times already have you stated ‘I wish I had done that.’? Or how about the times you have an idea and dismiss it with an ‘oh, that won’t work’ and a year down the track you see someone else doing the same thing successfully. If only you had acted on your impulse and not listened to the doubt. Don’t ever give yourself the opportunity to feel that again.

I recall a few years ago when actor Russell Crowe received and Oscar award, he stated in his acceptance speech with great conviction, ‘… anyone who is on the downside of advantage, know it is all possible.’ His words were projected with such intense certainty. You cannot learn those words from a book, he had to experience it himself to know it was possible. Imagine if he had chosen not to take the role for the risk of failure. He ended up with the highest honour an actor can ever receive and shared with us his greatest talents for our pleasure. So he not only lived his dream when he was unsure he could triumph, he also gave the public a gift that touched many hearts.

When we disregard our dreams, we disregard part of ourselves. In actuation, we are giving up on ourselves; giving up a part of ourselves. We are so consumed with what outsiders think and how they react, it crushes our eagerness to believe we can succeed. We give no regard or value to our own opinions and ideas; we are plagued by fear and rejection. Carolyn Myss believes the fear of humiliation holds the greatest power over us and causes our most defeats. What would we attract if this fear were not available to us? Why is it we have created a habit of giving more power to fear and failure than to success and happiness? We see ourselves as defeated before we have even begun.

If conquering your fear is not possible, perhaps you can live the way Susan Jeffers suggests in her words, ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway!’ Acknowledge the fear and then take the first step toward your goal. Once you move through fear, it is easier to do the next time because you have done it once and you know it is possible again. The more you do it, the simpler it gets. It is all in the belief of what you can achieve. Anything is possible………but only when you believe it. I have a plaque in my office written by ADIDAS that I constantly use for inspiration. It says ‘Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been dealt than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a declaration, it’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing!’ Don’t limit yourself to what you think is possible, give yourself the gift of unlimited possibilities and produce the sweetest symphony.

After I wrote the original article ‘Dare to Dream’ in the first Living Now Dare to Dream Magazine, I received many emails from readers who found the courage to live differently, be tempted to try new avenues and change their limiting beliefs. They informed me of how they were able to stop trying to make their dreams happen by pushing to get things done. They found the ability to let go and trust the Universal energies were on their side, conspiring to assist their dreams into reality. Acting on inspiration and intuition brought their dreams to physicality, all because they believed it was possible.

Do you allow yourself the full intimacy available to you from your partner or do you dampen it by you feeling you are too vulnerable? If we scarcely expose and open ourselves to our closest, how do we ever expect to be able to do it in front of others? By not taking risks in life, you may be a person who avoids suffering, sorrow and discouragement, but you will also be the person who cannot learn, feel, change grow or love. Risks must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. A person who risks nothing has nothing and is nothing; nothing but an empty shell existing on earth waiting for the last day to arrive.

Don’t allow anyone to repress your aspirations. Your life is for you to live, not for others judgements to determine the fate of your success or failures. Living abundantly through your dreams is the most freeing and empowering existence you will ever experience. Know that you are capable of anything and believe in yourself. Love yourself enough to stand strong and confident in the knowledge that you deserve all you ever wished for. Return to the childhood innocence of fantasy and live from that place.

Life is not about what you have to lose, it’s all about what you have to gain. So laugh out loud and take the risk of having fun. Cry those tears that risk you appearing sentimental, reach out to another and risk them touching back. Expose your true feelings and risk being exposed to another’s open heart. Give love to someone and risk being the recipient of their unlimited love. Make your dreams big, place them before the crowd and risk being the greatest influence you may ever have on their lives by inspiring them to do the same. Go forth in the face of overwhelming adversity to risk learning the most rewarding triumph of all.

Flex your spiritual muscle and summon your Divine will to hit the sweet notes that fill any empty void inside. Be fearless, be bold, and most importantly dare to believe in yourself; it makes everything possible. When you complete this walk on Earth and look back upon your auspicious life journey, you will know in your heart that you never settled for second base, your endeavour was to always strive for home. Always remember to indulge in The Greatest Risk of All – dream big and tattoo your life with those dreams!’

Author's Bio: 

Deanne Urquhart is the heart of Inspiration and Empowerment. Her insightful teaching techniques have people embracing their emotional potential to discover what is truly in their heart. Those who are ready to take the leap and feel the freedom of an amazing life, find Deanne’s written and spoken words simply transformational. Deanne’s foremost objective lies in assisting people to reDiscover their greatness.

Deanne’s insights are simple to apply and leave people feeling truly empowered to create and attract the life they long for. By teaching the language of our soul, she assists us to understand the clear guidance and inspiration we are offered on a continual basis. Deanne believes the key to transforming our dreams into reality lies in having an absolute knowing of how to receive communications from our own soul. This infallible wisdom enables heart choices to be taken and applies the finishing touches needed to open our worlds to new and unlimited possibilities.

Once we understand and master the language of our soul, we know with definite clarity the best possible path toward happiness, abundance and success for right now and the future. Deanne’s wisdom is a gift for those ready to take charge of their inner power and to become the master of their own destiny.

Having spent previous years as a healer, Deanne’s motivation now lies in empowering people to develop and strengthen their own power, wisdom and potential. Confidence, discovering our magnificence, and a renewed passion for life are what people walk away with after having been touched by the heart and love of Deanne Urquhart.