A traditional success program is any product, program or system designed to show you "how to do something." As we've already seen, this is a good idea – after all, if you want to do something, like drive a car, tie your shoes, or make a million dollars, it makes sense to learn "how" to do it.

So in traditional success programs, they teach you what I call the How-To's of Success. It was perfectly logical to teach human beings how to do the thing called "succeed" – because, as I've already shown you, everyone wants to do it!

But here's where we run into a little problem – a $411 Billion problem. With Americans spending more than $11 Billion a year on self-help products individually – and with the problems associated with this issue costing corporate America over $400 Billion a year – you would think that no one would ever be stuck, right? And that everyone who'd been using these programs would be living the life of their dreams, right?

Well, it sounds good. Unfortunately, we know it's just not true. We all know people who appear to have everything in place to be wildly successful, yet who are still holding themselves back.

The answer to why traditional success programs have failed so many people lies in what I've already shown you. Traditional success teachers have given us the How-To's of Success because they made a critical assumption, an assumption they made without ever thinking about it, because it was totally illogical to think otherwise. And the assumption they made was this:

Traditional success programs gave us the How-To's of Success, because they assumed that you and I and everyone else had more Why-To's of Success than Why-Not-To's of Success.

They actually had it half right. Everyone does have more Why-To's of Success than Why-Not-To's of Success – but only on the Conscious level!

The problem does not lie in learning more "How-To's" of Success. The problem lies in uncovering your Why-Not-To's of Success. Because your Why-Not-To's of Success are essentially invisible to you, because they exist almost exclusively in your Subconscious mind.

Here is the most amazing part about all this – and it represents the key to your freedom, success and fulfillment:

You can know all of the How-To's of Success, but if you have more Why-Not-To's of Success than Why-To's of Success – even if those Why-Not-To's exist on the Subconscious level – you will not allow yourself to succeed to your full potential, no matter how many How-To's of Success you know.

Author's Bio: 

On the night of October 20, 1997, a 30-year-old religious studies major named Noah St. John had an epiphany that changed his life. While attending a seminar, he suddenly realized the real, hidden reason so many smart, talented, motivated people stop themselves from success – and saw it had nothing to do with goal-setting, "motivation" or anything being taught in traditional success literature. That very night, with no formal education in business, Noah decided to form a company to teach people around the world the simple steps that remove the hidden barriers to success. Find out more at www.successclinic.com.